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Ferrari 275 GTB, 6-carb, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - Taylor, USA  
71/apr/02 - Patrick Pritchard, Long Beach, CA, USA  
.. - Ron Walden, Long Beach, CA, USA
84/dec/11 - Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - paid $ 25.000,-; Red with black interior. Ex-Harrah. Six carb, a/c, short nose, steel body, LHD, sunburst mag wheels.  Decent original condition
85/mar/07th - Pieter Boel, NL - paid $ 35.000,-
8. - Jan Smits, Moergestel, NL
88/jul/12 - registered: "DE-18-47"
88 - Hietbrink was commissioned to replace the steel body by an alloy body. (The original steel body of is since then used by Hietbrink as a statue in his garden)
99/may/21 - Klaus Werner, Wuppertal, D - in exchange for a Bugatti T43
99/jul - Hein Gericke, Duesseldorf, D "D-HG 2H"
04/nov/26 - offered at Essen Motorshow, for € 390.000.-
0. - Friedrich von Bohlen, Heidelberg, D
0. - repainted dark grey met.
06/oct/28-29 8th Finali Mondiali Monza, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, race 1 Friedrich von Bohlen #78  
06/oct/28-29 7th Finali Mondiali Monza, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, race 2 Friedrich von Bohlen #78  



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