6167 64
Ferrari 250 LM, RHD
motore tipo 211
verde bottiglia/pelle verde
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64 - David McKay, AUS via William H. Lowe  
64 - McKay cancelled order, so that Lowe had the car in his shop for many months
6. - Drogo long nose fitted
6. - Maranello Concessionaires, UK  
67/may/20 3rd OA Martini Trophy,
Richard Attwood #30  
67/may/29 2nd OA Norbury Trophy,
Crystal Palace
Michael Parkes #48 250LM p162, 163
67/jun/15 1st OA British GP Support Race, Silverstone Richard Attwood #30 Scarlet Passion p144
67/aug/28 3rd OA Guards Trophy,
Brands Hatch
Richard Attwood #62
67/sep/16 3rd OA Gold Cup,
Oulton Park
Richard Attwood #84
67/sep - Paul Vestey, UK  
67/oct/15 13th OA
5th IC
1000 km Paris, Monthlery Paul Vestey /
Paul Ridgeway
68/feb/03-04 dnf
laps 264 / 673
24h Daytona Paul Vestey /
Roy Pike / 
Paul Ridgeway
68/apr/07 15th OA BOAC 500, Brands Hatch Paul Vestey /
Roy Pike
#10 250LM p73
68/apr/25 20th 1000km di Monza Paul Vestey /
Paul Ridgeway
68/apr/06-07 dna 24h Le Mans Test Paul Vestey /
Roy Pike
#65 FaLM p97 250LM p74, 79
68/may/14 acc. Targa Florio David Piper /
Paul Vestey
68/may/14 - written off after the TF accident  
David Piper explained
"that a steering arm in 6167 worked its way loose during the May 1968 Targa Florio, causing him to completely lose control. He ended up hitting the cement base of one of the Kilometer markers on the side of the road. The car flipped onto its roof and the chassis + body were completely demolished, and written off."

David Piper says
"a mechanic was told to really tighten up the steering arms due to some issue with them becoming lose on the rough Targa Florio roads. Apparently, the mechanic then proceeded to mistakenly loosen up one (or both) of these steering arms . . ."

Paul Vestey explained
"that this 1968 Targa accident became a big problem for 6167’s upcoming June 1968 Le Mans entry (1968 Le Mans ended up getting moved to September due to French worker strikes and civil unrest)."
The problem was 6167 was already entered by Paul Vestey in 1968 Le Mans! So what happened was Paul Vestey had to scramble to quickly locate and acquire a replacement 250 LM. As such, he purchased 6053, removed the 6053 welded tag (bearing 6053’s chassis number stamping) from the rear lateral chassis member, and then installed the engine from 6167 (i.e. the engine for 6167 had already been inspected by the Le Mans organizers and approved/certified - - notice the little twin scrutineer stampings just to the right of the Engine No. stamping, etc.).
68 - original engine & gearbox installed in 6053
68 - original chassis remains left at Carrozzeria Sports Car, Modena, I  
69/jun/04 - remains sold to Stefano Sebastiani, Rome, I for 1,0mio Lit.  
92 - new chassis and body were built by Franco Ferrari, painted blue  
00 - Dr. Dieter-Colin Kolles, Ingolstadt, D  
Note: Thanks due to the unselfish support of Colin Kolles in April '99 the history of 6167 can be presented as above, would not wonder if he will be the future owner.
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