6053 64 sold 30/jun/64
Ferrari 250 LM, Drogo long nose, RHD
motore tipo 211, no. interno 134/LM
China red/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64 - George Drummond, GB via Maranello Concessionaires  
64 -   
65/apr/11 1st GT AMOC hillclimb, Wiscombe Park Rollo Fielding    
65/may/02 1st BRSCC Meeting, Brands Hatch George Drummond    
65/may/09 1st OA BRSCC Meeting, Snetterton George Drummond    
65/may/16 dnf BRSCC Meeting, Mallory Park George Drummond    
65/jun/26 1st OA Midlands Motor Enthusiasts Club Meeting, Silverstone George Drummond    
65/jul/31 2nd GT BRSCC Meeting, Castle Combe George Drummond    
65/aug/07 4th OA 2nd IC BRSCC St. John Trophy, Brands Hatch George Drummond    
65/aug/30 1st OA BRSCC Meeting, Snetterton George Drummond    
65/sep/12 dnf BRSCC 2+2h, Snetterton George Drummond
66/feb/04-05 dnf 24h Daytona Ireland/                Hailwood/            Drummond #24  
66/jul/02 4th OA BARC National, Crystal Palace George Drummond    
67/jul/14 dns British GP, Silverstone  George Drummond #31  
66/sep/11 8th OA Austrian GP, Zeltweg 500km Michael Parkes    
67/may/20 dnf AMOC Martini Int. Trophy, Silverstone Rollo Fielding #31  
67/jul/30 dns BOAC 500m, Brands Hatch Peter Clarke/               Rollo Fielding #60  
67/nov/04 dnf 9h Kyalami Rollo Fielding/            Trevor Blokdijk #11 250LM p104
67/nov/18 dnf Cape Town 3h
.. - with engine from 6167  
.. - chassis scrapped  
.. - Collin Crabbe, GB  
70 - Richard F. Merritt, USA  
7. - Terry Myr, USA
71 - Harley Cluxton, Phoenix, AZ, USA  
71 - Robert Sutherland, Englewood, CO, USA 250LM p156
.. - Restauration after rear engine fire at Mike Dopudja, Denver, CO. No chassis number present  
.. - Anthony Podell, CA, USA  
87/jul Chicago Historic Races Anthony Podell
88/aug/19-21 Monterey Historic Races Anthony Podell
89/may/05 - NS - The Sportscar Auction Geneva - highbid $4,050,254  
- car returned by buyer due to chassis stamping issue (which is to say no chassis stamp)  
92/mar/21-22 - NS - World Vintage Car Tokyo auction - highbid $2,360,000  
96 - Mitsubishi, J  
96 - Mitsubishi holding ?  
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