6053 64 sold 30/jun/64
Ferrari 250 LM, Drogo long nose, RHD
motore tipo 211, no. interno 134/LM
China red/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64 - George Drummond, GB via Maranello Concessionaires  
64 -   
65/apr/11 1st GT AMOC hillclimb, Wiscombe Park Rollo Fielding    
65/may/02 1st BRSCC Meeting, Brands Hatch George Drummond    
65/may/09 1st OA BRSCC Meeting, Snetterton George Drummond    
65/may/16 dnf BRSCC Meeting, Mallory Park George Drummond    
65/jun/26 1st OA Midlands Motor Enthusiasts Club Meeting, Silverstone George Drummond    
65/jul/31 2nd GT BRSCC Meeting, Castle Combe George Drummond    
65/aug/07 4th OA 2nd IC BRSCC St. John Trophy, Brands Hatch George Drummond    
65/aug/30 1st OA BRSCC Meeting, Snetterton George Drummond    
65/sep/12 dnf BRSCC 2+2h, Snetterton George Drummond
66/feb/04-05 dnf 24h Daytona Ireland /
Hailwood /
66/jul/02 4th OA BARC National, Crystal Palace George Drummond    
67/jul/14 dns British GP, Silverstone  George Drummond #31  
66/sep/11 8th OA Austrian GP, Zeltweg 500km Michael Parkes    
67/may/20 dnf AMOC Martini Int. Trophy, Silverstone Rollo Fielding #31  
67/jul/30 dns BOAC 500m, Brands Hatch Peter Clarke /
Rollo Fielding
67/nov/04 dnf 9h Kyalami Rollo Fielding /
Trevor Blokdijk
#11 250LM p104
67/nov/18 dnf Cape Town 3h
68 - after the Targa Florio with accident with 6167 ... Paul Vestey acquired 6053  
.. - then removed the 6053 welded tag (bearing 6053’s chassis number stamping) from the rear lateral chassis member, and then installed the engine from 6167

(i.e. the engine for 6167 had already been inspected by the Le Mans organizers and approved/certified - - notice the little twin scrutineer stampings just to the right of the Engine No. stamping, etc.).
68/sep/28-29 dnf 24h Le Mans Paul Vestey /
Roy Pike
#19 FaLM p97 250LM p74, 79
.. - Collin Crabbe, GB  
70 - Richard F. Merritt, USA "2039" 
7. - Terry Myr, USA
71 - Harley Cluxton, Phoenix, AZ, USA  
71 - Robert Sutherland, Englewood, CO, USA 250LM p156
.. - restauration after rear engine fire at Mike Dopudja, Denver, CO
No chassis number present
.. - Anthony Podell, CA, USA  
87/jul Chicago Historic Races Anthony Podell
88/aug/19-21 Monterey Historic Races Anthony Podell
89/may/05 - NS - The Sportscar Auction Geneva - highbid $4,050,254  
- car returned by buyer due to chassis stamping issue (which is to say no chassis stamp (no chassis tag))  
92/mar/21-22 - NS - World Vintage Car Tokyo auction - highbid $2,360,000  
96 - Mitsubishi, J  
96 - Mitsubishi holding ?  
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