3539GT 62/jun/04   *** 75th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Steel, LHD
Grey metallic
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - Modern Classic Motors, Reno, NV, USA  
62 - Ted Marlia, Reno, NV, USA  
.. - Cummings, USA  
6. - totaled in a road accident, written off  
79 - Arno Flach (Swiss), USA bought "cross member"  
79 - Massimo Colombo, I (MC) bought "cross member"  
79 - Luciano Bertolero, Moncalieri, I bought "cross member"
8. - replica created around "cross member"
8. - engine 1613GT installed  
85 - Joe Marchetti, Chicago, IL, USA presented or wrongly identified as 1613GT
85/apr - offered by Joe Marchettis', Chicago, IL, USA   
86/jun - offered for sale - 914-232-8694 NY, USA  
87 - displayed at Greenwich Polo Club Car show  
91/mar - offered for $2,1mio by Joe Alphabet, CA, USA red/black  
94 - Thomas Sommer, Nuernberg, D  
96 - Robin Lodge, UK  "250 SPC" 
99/sep/20-26 Prada Italia Classica Robin Lodge
00/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Robin Lodge /
Robert Brooks
02/may/11-14 Modena Cento Ore Classic Robin Lodge /
Tony Merrick
06/jun/17-20 Modena Cento Ore Classic Robin Lodge /
0. - Jean-Pierre Slavic, Mies, CH
0. - repainted silver
08/apr/14-19 Tour Auto Jean-Pierre Slavic / Amandine Demole #26 "VD 40169"
08/oct/03-05 - displayed at Geneva Classics - "Slavic Collection" C168 p24
10/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Jean-Pierre Valentini / Frederic Fatien #129 "VD 175262"
11/apr/11-16 Tour Auto Jean-Pierre Valentini / Franck Runge #20
This car is listed in Pourrets book as Competizione but no Comp. cars were built after the 250 GTO appeared. This car should have been rebuilt as a street car.

There are reports that the engine in this car comes from a 250 GTE and not from 1613GT

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