1613GT 59   *** 2nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, LHD
white/black, polished Borranis
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59 - Torino show car Pourret p83 
F250SWB p26
60/feb/23 - J. da Silva Marcos Pinto, Angola  
60/aug/14 1st OA Circuito  do Porto Jorge Moura Pinheiro    
60/sep/18   GP Angola
1st race
Moura Pinheiro / Correira de Oliveira #24  
60/sep/18 5th OA
2nd GT
GP Angola
2nd race
Moura Pinheiro / Correira de Oliveira #24  
61 - J. Correja de Oliveira, Angola 
61 1st Circuito Vila de Conde,
Correja de Oliveira    
61 1st Fortaleza Circuit,
Correja de Oliveira    
62/dec/01 1st OA GP Cidade Luanda Alvaro Lopez    
62/dec/02 dns GP Angola Maximino Correira    
63/oct/06 8th GP Angola Henrique B. Vieira #3
6. - Flavio Santos, Angola
63/oct/06 3rd OA
Nova Lisboa,
Flavio Santos #3
7. - Lindick, Johannesburg, SA
7. - ..................,  SA  
7. - D. Hugh Gearing, 253, Lousiana Street, Berario, Johannesburg, SA “TJ866”
75 - Giuseppe Medici, Reggio Emilia, I
“Giuseppe Medici bought the car in South Africa from Edoardo Cerimele, a South African with Italian heritage who worked at Shell Coal Company.

The car arrived in Livorno from Cape Town, still carrying the plates “TJ866” and with the original engine #1613. The car was in good condition, the only problem being the main water radiator. The new owner’s son, Maurizio Medici, brought the car to Gianni Diena of Autosport Modena, who performed a full check-up and standard maintenance. The radiator was rebuilt at FIM Forcellini Radiatori of Bologna using the original up and down cases.

The car ran very well, 1 L oil per 2000 km, and was powerful. It was used seasonally as a daily driver for 8 years and also participated in several historical rallies, winning events at Mugello, Magione, Varano, Monza, Imola.

There was a minor fender bender, when a white VW Golf hit the rear left and damaged a Borrani rim. The body was repaired at Egidio Brandoli in Montale Rangone, Modena, an ex Scaglietti employee with special expertise for aluminum bodies. Two rims in the back were changed.

In spring '86 the car was sold to a director of FIAT group near Turin.”
(Maurizio Medici, June 2017)
80 - road accident ... a VW Golf bumped in the left rear fender/bumper ... required a new Borrani rim
86/spring - ……., Turin, IT (director of FIAT Group)  
86 - engine 1613GT is in 3539GT 250 GT SWB replica  
.. - non original engine installed  
89/nov/11 - NS - Solo Ferrari Orion Monaco auction - highbid $2,153,110 (DM 4,5mio)  
90 - Stephen Perry, Hockenheim, D - restored  
92 - Jean-Marie Clement (age 3/5/62), CH-1731 Ependes, CH "FR 90002"
93/jan - non - matching numbers
(this is how the car was offered by Steve Perry)
93/jan - offered in FML for $900,000 - Red/black 70,000km  
93 - Jean Guikas, Marseille, F - GTC Sarl.
93/may - offered for FF 4,500,000 by GTC Sarl.
94/jan - still offered by GTC  
94/mar - still offered for $630,000.-; +33-91-830150 in FML  
96/sep - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for $650,000.-  
96 - Peter Rae, UK  
96 - DK Engineering improved Perry's restoration  
97/jul - PDS 575,000 - for sale by Paul Baber  
97/dec - Ferrari Holdings Inc., CH  
99 - an engine stamped 1613GT is still installed in 3539GT 250 GT SWB replica  
99/jul/30 - displayed by Coys of Kensington at Silverstone International Historic Festival
99/oct - offered by Coys of Kensington, London, UK  
00/may/25-27 - S - Coys, Monaco Auction, 5.8mio FF plus commision ($909k) Bianchi
00/may - NS - Coys, Monaco Auction, 5.8mio FF plus commision ($909k), for unkown reason the car is back with his owner  
00/aug/02 - sold for $900k  
00/aug/02 - Jean-Marc Merlin, F via Jean Guikas, F "KSJ 192"
00/oct/28-29 Tutte le Ferrari al Mugello Jean-Marc Merlin #169
01/apr/09-14 Tour Auto Jean-Marc Merlin / Frank Augis #50
01/jul/20-22 20th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Brands Hatch, group C race 1 Jean-Marc Merlin #69
01/jul/20-22 15th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Brands Hatch, group C race 2 Jean-Marc Merlin #69
02/apr/15-20 Tour Auto Jean-Marc Merlin / Frédéric Godeberge #76
02/sep/21-22 Le Mans Classic Jean-Marc Merlin #62
03/apr/07-12 Tour Auto Jean-Marc Merlin / Rossignol #73



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