3527GT 62/may/22
Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD
Rosso Cina
wider radiator opening, circular brake cooling ducts outboard of the spotlights, side-lights recessed into the sides of the front wings, bolt-on-spolier
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62/may - Gotfrid Koechert, Wien, A "MO 76800"
62/may/27 dnf 1000 km Nuerburgring Gotfrid Koechert /
Umberto Maglioli
62 - Lucien Bianchi, B via Ecurie Francorchamps  
62/aug/09 dns Albi Lucien Bianchi    
62/sep/15-23 7th OA
though collision with a milk lorry
Tour de France Lucien Bianchi /
Claude Dubois
#151 EF p154    TdF p169, 170, 178 Pourret p274, 277         C172 p54
62/sep - front bodywork replaced C195 p15, 16
62/oct/21 5th OA
5th IC
1000km Paris, Montlhery Willy Mairesse /
Lucien Bianchi
#2 1000km Paris p22, 23 Pourret p326
62/dec/02 1st OA GP Angola, Luanda Lucien Bianchi #3  
63 - Scuderia Filipinetti, Geneva, CH S. Filipinetti p98
63/mar/26-27 Scuderia Filipinetti Monza tests S. Filipinetti p51
63 - Armand Boller, Geneva, CH (bankier)  
63/mar/30 1st IC Journée Eaux Mortes Armand  Boller    
63/jun/09 1st IC 1000m Ursins Armand Boller    
63/aug/25 39th OA
5th IC
Ollon-Villars Hillclimb Armand Boller    
64/mar/05 1st GT Journée Eaux Mortes Armand Boller    
64/apr/04 1st GT Verbois hillclimb Armand Boller    
64/apr/26 1st GT (3'25"0) Slalom Payerne Armand Boller    
64/may/24 1st GT (3'32"1) Mitholz-Kandersteg hillclimb Armand Boller    
64/dec - offered by Armand Boller in Powerslide 12/64 p35:

"Ferrari GTO, Mod. 1962                                                                           Der Wagen ist in einwandfreiem Zustand. Armand Boller.                          Tel.: 022/322800 (Bürozeit)"

65/apr/25 wdn
after Spychiger fatal acc. in 0824
1000km Monza Armand Boller /
Dieter Spoerry
#41 S. Filipinetti p104
65 - modified for street use by Graber, CH; driving lights replaced, VW rear lights, winding glas, leather upholstery  
66 - Anthony Bamford, Oakamoor, GB  
72/jul/02   FOC Prescott hillclimb Anthony Bamford #144 PH35 p26, 29  Pritchard p244       "ARF 474J"
73 - Donald K. Nelson, Leicester, GB
82/aug/31 20th anniversary GTO tour Don Nelson I love GTO    "6 GTO"
84 - Stephen Pilkington, Ormskirk, GB
87/jun/07 25th anniversary GTO tour Steve Pilkington
87/jul 25th anniversary FOC meeting, Oulton Park Steve Pilkington
8. - Graber exterior modifications removed  
89/sep/09 7th Annual International Ferrari Meeting, Zandvoort Steve Pilkington
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Steve Pilkington
92/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Steve Pilkington
95/jul/09 FOC Concours, Castle Ashby Stephen Pilkington
95/jul/29-30 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Stephen Pilkington
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Stephen Pilkington
97/sep/15-19 35th anniversary GTO tour Stephen Pilkington
98/jul/23 Brandon Wang's GTO Garden party Stephen Pilkington
02/sep/09-13 40th anniversary GTO tour Stephen Pilkington
05/jan - Irvine Laidlaw, MC (UK) "6 GTO"
07/apr/23-28 Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw/ Marshall Bailey #30
07/aug/31-sep/02 Goodwood Revival Meeting, RAC TT Celebration Irvine Laidlaw/ Stirling Moss #16
07/oct/21-25 45th anniversary GTO tour Irvine Laidlaw
08/apr/14-19 Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw/ Marshall Bailey #36
08/sep/19-21 - displayed at Goodwood Revival Meeting
10/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Irvine Laidlaw/  Ellis #57



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