3113GT 62/feb/13   *** 52nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, steel, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - Mrs. Doris C. Blackwood, Metamora, MI, USA
76 - sold by Mrs. Blackwood to Bobby Jones, Hobart, IN, USA but then she reneged on sale and a lawsuit ensued  
76 - car is hidden at a friend’s farm, Mrs. Dooley, Red Fox Country Club, Tyron, NC, USA 
77 - after lawsuit settlement, retrieved and driven home by Alan Boe
78 - James C. Carbone, Gig Harbor, WA, USA  
84/aug/03 - Walnut Creek Ferrari, Walnut Creek, CA, USA
84/oct - Dick Manning, Ferrari South, USA via Walnut Creek Ferrari
87/jun - offered by Dick Manning, Ferrari South, 601/969-5668  
87 - James Wickstead, Mendham, NJ, USA - 30,000miles
87-97 - over 10 years, Wickstead performed a complete mechanical review of the car, refurbishing the engine, suspension and repairing a rusted frame member.  The car has been returned to absolutely original condition using every part that came with the original vehicle.
.. - ................
14/aug/17 - NS - Gooding & Co.'s Pebble Beach auction - highbid $10,0mio  
14/aug/19 - Peter Kumar, Gullwing Motors, Astoria, NY, USA (after sale)  




Sometime between 1978 and 1984 the car was repainted the original silver gray (with a touch of green).

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