2349GT 61
Ferrari 250 GTE, 2+2, S1, LHD
Early car with standard foglights
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Mr. Gurini, a Brazilian, who worked for Swedish Esab in Milano, I  
.. - Göran Edström, S "069" 
.. - Bo Henriques, S  
.. - Rein Tomson, S  
72/jul/02   FOC Prescott hillclimb Rein Tomson/ Christer Mellin
72/late - Ulf Boman, Göteborg, S  
72/dec/25 - severely burned in a garage fire in Sweden  
7. - wreck was bought by Christer Mellin and Rein Tomson and parted out  
7. - parts were used on 0879GT (Mellin) and 2439GT (Tomson)  


250 TR Replica using "2349GT" by Neil Twyman

01 - 250 TR Spider Scaglietti Replica RHD - red w/white band/black by Neil Twyman, UK replicating a correct 80mm TR-chassis, engine 0955GT modified to 4 stud racing TR-specs  
01/nov/30-dec/09 - displayed at Essen Motor Show, D #14
02/sep/20-22 Le Mans Classic Neil Twyman "KSJ 113"
05/sep/16-18 20th Goodwood Revival Meeting, Sussex Trophy Neil Twyman #11
06/nov/30-dec/01- displayed at Essen Motor Show, D #32  
0. - David Cooke, Kingston, UK
09/sep/18-20 17th Goodwood Revival Meeting, Lavant Cup David Cooke #4
11 - hardtop added
11/sep/16-18 21st Goodwood Revival Meeting, Sussex Trophy David Cooke #5



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