0879GT 58/mar/03   *** 37th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
maroon with black stripe
FP p128 - this was a three louvre car
covered headlights, high alloy decoration in the door (57 style)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Wolfgang Seidel, Duesseldorf, D  
58/mar/03 - registered new to Wolfgang Seidel in Bologna "BO 94477"
58/apr/07 2nd OA 3h Pau Wolfgang Seidel #57  
58/apr/27 1st Flugplatzrennen Trier Wolfgang Seidel    
58/may/18 2nd GT+2.0 GP de Spa Wolfgang Seidel #30 Delsaux p194
58/jun/15 1st Grand Handicap de Francorchamps Wolfgang Seidel    
58/jul/05 4th OA
4th GT+2.0
12h Reims Wolfgang Seidel / Graf Berghe von Trips #68  C116 p60
58/jul/27 dnf
Trophée d'Auvergne, Clermont Ferrand
Wolfgang Seidel #90
58/aug/10 dnf
Karlskoga Kanonloppet
Wolfgang Seidel #9  
58/aug/15 1st IC
Großer Bergpreis von Oesterreich, Gaisbergrennen Wolfgang Seidel #94  
- entrant: Henrik von Schulmann
58/aug/17 1st OA
1st GT+2.6
Internationales Auto- und Motorradrennen, Flugplatz Zeltweg Wolfgang Seidel #94  
- entrant: Henrik von Schulmann
58/sep/07 dnf Coppa InterEuropa,
Wolfgang Seidel #73  
58/oct/05 1st OA
1st GT+1.6
Wolfgang Seidel #4  
58/oct/05 dna Flugplatzrennen Innsbruck, Krannenbitten Henrik von Schulmann #70  
58/oct/12 1st IC HMSC Flugplatzrennen Pferdsfeld Wolfgang Seidel    
59 - registered in Modena "MO 50823"  
59/mar/01 1st OA
ATMA Bergrennen Wolfsfeld Wolfgang Seidel    
59/mar/08 1st IC 4. Flugplatzrennen Pferdsfeld Wolfgang Seidel #193 AMS 7/59 p27
59/apr/05 10th OA
2nd IC
II. Stallavena-Boscochiesa- nuova hillclimb  Wolfgang Seidel #382  
59/apr 1st OA
Bergrennen Born (Luxembourg) Wolfgang Seidel #76  
59/may/03 3rd GT GP Paris,
Wolfgang Seidel    
59/may/10 1st OA
Flugplatzrennen Trier Wolfgang Seidel    
59/jun/14 2nd IC Rossfeld-Bergrennen Wolfgang Seidel #103  
59/jun/28 5th OA
5th GT2.6
Gran Premio della Lotteria di Monza Wolfgang Seidel #50 C86 p33       "MO 50823"
59 - Manfred Ramminger, Schroersstrasse 40, Krefeld, D (architect)  
59/sep/27 4th OA
1st GT3.5
Coupe de Paris, Montlhery  Manfred Ramminger    
59/nov - offered by Ramminger in AMS 34/59 p46:

"GT 250, Scaglietti, mit mehreren Übersetzungen, in einwandfreiem Zustand, abzugeben. Manfred Ramminger, Krefeld, Schroersstr. 24. Tel.: 20258"

6. - Siegfried Mahnke, Köln-Lindenthal, Franzstr. 45, D  
66/oct - offered by Mahnke in AMS 22/66:

"Ferrari 250 GT-Coupé, Bauj. 59-60, 79.000km, seltenes, gepfl., bildschönes Fahrzeug, mit leichtem Motorschaden, sehr preisgünstig abzugeben. Siegfried Mahnke, 5 Köln-Lindental, Franzstr. 45, Tel.: 436513"

66/nov - still offered by Mahnke in AMS 24/66:

"Ferrari 250 GT, Coupé, Renn-Berlinetta, Bauj. 59-60, 79.000km, Bestzustand, DM 6.500.-. Siegfried Mahnke, 5 Köln-Lindental, Franzstr. 45, Tel.: 436513"

66 - Gary D. Schmidt, Munich, D - paid DM 6,000.- - not running C81 p13
.. - converted to open headlights, rear fenders shortened and modified to take VW Passat rear lights C79 p4 
6. - engine rebuilt in Switzerland
72/jul/02 FOC Prescott Meeting Gary D. Schmidt #153 C86 p33
73 - Christer Mellin, Ljungskile, S - in exchange for 0408MD C98 p36-40
.. - parts used from 2349GT  
93 - restoration started after years of collecting needed parts  
9. - converted back to covered headlights
97 - restoration completed  
97/may/05 - S - Brooks Monaco auction - $603.000.-  
97/may/05 - Mauro Bompani, Modena, I  
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Mauro Bompani
98/jun/27-28 Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge, Dijon Mauro Bompani
99/may/06-08 Mille Miglia Mauro Bompani / Simoni
99/nov/06-07   Tutte le Ferrari a Vallelunga Mauro Bompani #149  
00/jun/17 30th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Mans Mauro Bompani #53
00/sep/29-oct/01 9th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Hockenheim, Drum brake race 1 Mauro Bompani #53
00/sep/29-oct/01 6th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Hockenheim, Drum brake race 2 Mauro Bompani #53
00/oct/28-29 Tutte le Ferrari al Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge Mauro Bompani #53
2017/sep/10   Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello      
18/may/12 - RM Monaco  


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