2165GT 60/sep/14   *** 46th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, all alloy, LHD
sliding windows, side vents, fly screen
Dark blue
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60 - André Simon, F "MO 59810"
60/sep/15-23 dnf
due to a flooded area
Tour de France André Simon /
Jean Thepenier
#153 Pourret p268 TdF p145
60 1st OA Bordeaux Rally André Simon /
61/may/14  1st GT GP Paris,
André Simon    
61 1st GT,
2nd OA
Limousin Rally André Simon /
61/may/14 dns GP de Spa André Simon #17
61/jun/04 3rd OA GP Rouen André Simon  #12 Pourret p117
61/jun/25 3rd GT Cote du Mont Ventoux André Simon    
61/may/28 2nd GT Rallye de La Baule André Simon    
61/jul/09 dnf
6h Auvergne,
André Simon /
Fernand Tavano
#16  Pourret p357
- "very bad crash by Tavano" Jesse Pourret, Tavano injured Pourret p357
61 - sent back to factory for repairs
61 - Marchand, F
61 - René Bourely, F  
62/sep/15-23 dnf
hit a dog
Tour de France René Bourely /
Robert Bourely
#154 C172 p52    TdF p173, 175 "MO 59810"
65/sep/26 13th OA
1st GT
GP Albi Bourely    
70 - Jess G. Pourret, F  
7. - Charles Pozzi, F  
71 - Jacques P. Hanrioud, F  
76 - Jean Sage, F - silver "250 QS 74"
83/sep/15-18 Ferrari Days Modena Jean Sage #90
85/sep/27-29 80 Anni di Sport ACI con la Ferrari, Modena Jean Sage /
Anna Maria Passarelli
87   GP de L'Age d'Or Jean Sage #249 T&CC 9/87 p24
.. - repainted Night blue metallic  
92/apr/22-26   Tour de France Auto Jean Sage /
Johnny Rives
92/sep/12-13 Bagatelle Concours d'Elegance Jean Sage
93/apr/20-24   Tour de France Auto Jean Sage /
Nathalie Pisibon
93/oct/30-nov/04   1st Rallye du Maroc Classic Jean Sage /
Nathalie Pisibon
94/apr/13-16   Tour de France Auto Jean Sage /
Francois Granet
95/apr/26-29 Tour de France Auto Jean Sage /            Laurence Neveu #158
95/may/05-07 3rd Spa Ferrari Days,
race 1
Jean Sage
95/may/05-07 2nd Spa Ferrari Days,
race 2
Jean Sage
95/oct/13-15 Tutte le Ferrari in Pista, Mugello Jean Sage
96/apr/23-27 Tour de France Auto Jean Sage /               Laurence Neveu #170
96/may/03-05 1st Spa Ferrari Days Didier Moreau
96/jul/20-21 accident crashed right front into the pit wall Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Xavier Entremont / Jean Sage
#35 race stopped
to rescue Xavier from the SWB
97/apr/23-26   Tour de France Auto Jean Sage /        Laurence Neveu #51  
97/nov/07-08   Tutte Le Ferrari in Sicilia
Enne Pergusa
Jean Sage #50  
98/apr/14-18   Tour Auto Jean Sage /       Joanne Marshall #71  
98/may   Ferrari Days Spa Jean Sage    
99/apr/20-24   Tour Auto Jean Sage /
Jean-Louis Moncet
99/sep/17-19   Goodwood Revival Meeting Jean Sage /
Patrick Tambay
99/oct/14-17   Tour de Espana Jean Sage/
Juan Quintano
00/feb/11-20 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F  
00/oct/14-15   Targa Florio Revival Jean Sage #28  
01/jun/16 retired with engine problems on the 1st day Le Mans Legend Jean Sage #20  
01/nov/07-11   3rd Tour de Espana Jean Sage /         Janou #24  
02/apr/15-20 Tour Auto Jean Sage /          Anne Giuntini #54
03/apr/07-12 Tour Auto Jean Sage #51
04/jun/19-22 5th Modena Cento Ore Classic Jean Sage /       Labate #46
18/jun - Augustin Sabatié-Garat, F  (Auction Manager & Car Specialist, RM Sotheby’s Europe)



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