308 GTB Michelotto Group B
white/black cloth
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
76 - Guy Domet, F  
83/may - Michelotto Automobili, Padova built rally and track car  
83/may - Pro Motor Sport, Italy  
92 - François Domet, F
11/jun/03-06 Sport et Collection François Domet   "8308 VT 60" (F)
12/jun/01-03 Sport et Collection François Domet   "8308 VT 60" (F)
12/...   Tour de Corse Historique François Domet    
12 - Jean-Paul Driot, F (DAMS owner)

12/... - Restoration to GR B specs (previously had larger GR IV rear wheel arch)

13/apr/22-27 Tour Auto Olivier Panis/
Bertrand Balas
14/apr/07-12   Tour Auto Jean-Paul Driot/
Olivier Panis

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