16689 73/jul   *** 83rd ***
Ferrari 365 GTS/4, Spyder, USA, LHD
Oro (Red/tan), a/c
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
73/sep - American Financial Leasing & Services, USA (Pres. Robert D. Lindner) via European Motor Garage, Dayton, OH, USA
85/jan/07 - title transfered to Robert D. Lindner, USA
87/aug - offered by Ron Spangler's Prancing Horse Farm, Belair, USA - 12,000m T&CC 9/87 p148
90/nov - offered by Shelton Sports Cars, Ft. Lauderdale, USA - 40,535m T&CC 11/90 p183
91/feb/18 - Shelton Performance Cars, Ft. Lauderdale, USA - paid $645k 
91/apr/17 - Vermoegensverwaltung E. Beeck, Oldenburg, D (owner of M&M Exclusive Cars)
92 - M&M Exclusive Cars filed for bankcruptcy
9. - Werner Zanders, Herzogenrath, D
- restoration started, painted giallo fly
94/oct/22 - Dr. Wolf Zweifler, Muenchen, D - yellow/dark blue
96/jul/03 Girard-Perregaux F50 watch introduction, La Chaux-De Fonds Dr. Wolf Zweifler
../... - Hubert Haupt, Munich, G "M -HH 655 H" (G)
../... - restored at Zanasi  
../... - .................  



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