15963 72   *** 65th ***
Ferrari 365 GTS/4, Spyder, Euro, RHD
Azzurro met./blue/black top 
a/c, chromed grill guard at front
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
72/jul/05 - Diana Glass, UK (Marc & Spencer heiress) "EE 60197"
72 - repainted blu Dino met., Lex Jet Stereo 8 Track player fitted
7. - stored in Monte Carlo  
7. - top retrimmed in white cloth by Hoopers, London, UK
7. - repainted in Rolls-Royce Le Mans blue with blue top
7. - after divorce Glass took the car with her to Canada
77/may/18 - Boris G. Freesman, Toronto, CDN - 6,800miles  
79/mar/27 - P. Noel H. Gibbs, Ripley, Surrey, UK - paid $76k; 10,500miles "SAD 717W"
82/jul/27 - Charles M. Schlamm, Johannesburg, ZA  
83/aug/07 Best V12, Car of the Day, 1st class C SEFAC Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club Concours Charles Schlamm
85/jun/21 - Robin Lodge, Horsham, UK via Modena Engineering; paid PDS 130k "43 SF"
88/dec - offered by Modena, East Horsley, UK for PDS 1,2mio; 14,750miles CaS 12/88 p42
89/mar - offered by Modena, East Horsley, UK for PDS 1,6mio T&CC 3/89 p126
90/may/10 - Crawford Hewlett, Edinburgh, UK - paid PDS 792.500.- "JDS 690K"
01/dec/18 - S - Bonhams Gstaad Auction - SFr. 691,700 incl. buyer's prem   
01/dec/18 - Carlos Monteverde, London, UK (BR)
03/oct - Frank Sytner, UK in exchange for 2209GT
05/may - offered by Maxted-Page Ltd., Halstead, Essex, UK CaS 5/05 p63
06 - Pete Townshend, UK - The Who CaS 2/09 p102-107
0. - factory certified
08/feb - offered by Maxted-Page Ltd., Halstead, Essex, UK




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