1523GT 59/sep   *** 7th of 7 ***
Ferrari 250 GT Interim Berlinetta LWB, all alloy, LHD
Metal grey
chassis type 508D
engine type 128DF
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59 - Olivier Gendebien, B "MO 51647"
59/sep/18-25 1st OA
1st GT
Tour de France Olivier Gendebien /     Lucien Bianchi #163 EF p114 Pourret p264
60 - Lucien  Bianchi & Jacques van de Velde, B  
60 - repainted red
60/mar 3rd OA 6h Auvergne Lucien Bianchi /         Jacques van de Velde #78 Pourret p72
60/apr/17 1st GT Bergrennen Born (Luxembourg) Jacques van de Velde    
60/apr/24 1st IC Cote de la Roche Jacques van de Velde #102  
60/may/08 1st OA 1000meters Anvers Lucien Bianchi #92  
60/may/15 4th OA Prix de Paris, Monthléry Lucien Bianchi /         Jacques van de Velde #18 Monthléry p281      Pourret p323 
60/jun/12 5th OA GP Rouen Lucien Bianchi /         Jacques van de Velde    
60/jul/03 1st GT Andenne Hill Jacques van de Velde    
60/jul/10 3rd OA Trophee d'Auvergne Lucien Bianchi /         Jacques van de Velde #78
60/aug/28 dns Cote d'Houyet Jacques van de Velde #115
61 - Serge M. Orban, B  
61/apr/30 1st IC La Roche Hill S.M. Orban #85  
61/may/14 acc. GP de Spa S.M. Orban #14  
61 - destroyed in Spa after a tyre blew, written off  
- engine remained in Belgium
61 - 1033GT restamped 1523GT by factory  
8. - engine & remains imported to Texas, USA
85 - engine for sale in Texas
8. - remains sold by a Lamborghini dealer to Mr. Penachelli, Brooklyn, NY, USA
92 - remains to Oliver Kuttner of Pegasus Racing Inc., Charlottesville, USA




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