1517SA 59/may/30   *** 1st ***
Ferrari 400 Superamerica PF Coupé Speciale, S1, LHD
Moon Silver Savid 20260/black
Wraparound windshield
2420mm wheelbase
Engine Tipo 163
Chassis Tipo 538
All inner panels are stainless steel covered in leather, the exterior trim is also stainless steel 
and it has an Aerlux roof.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59/oct/31 - Torino Motor Show car - version 1 FP p228
59 - Gianni Agnelli, Torino, I "TO 333333"
59 - modified after Torino show
60/mar/10-20 - Geneva Salon show car - version 2  
60/may/30 - delivery - version 2 TF p246             FP p230
62/sep/26 - Giuseppe Cornacchia, Milano, I  
62/oct - Anita Ekberg, Roma, I (S)
66/may - Mario Rossi, Torino, I
68 - M .Gastone Crepaldi Sas, Milano, I
69 - Chinetti Motors, Inc., Greenwich, CT, USA
69 - Peter Jacobs, Rosemont, PA, USA via Algar Enterprises, Inc.
7. - Pete Sherman, Maitland, FL, USA
7. - nose damaged in a road accident  
74 - Gilbert K. Ranney, 18001 Bryce Place, Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA  
76/mar - offered by Gilbert Ranney for $11,000 needs restoration, 714-838-4325
82/nov - donated by Ranney to the Harrah Automobile Foundation, Reno, NV, USA
86 - Robert Butler, Tarzana, CA, USA
97-04 - completely restored by Carl Steuer of Blackhorse Motors & Norbert Hofer of Grand Touring Classics
04/aug/15 Pebble Beach Concours Robert Butler
05/aug/19 The Quail, Carmel Valley Robert Butler
09/apr/24-26 Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Robert Butler #94 C172 p20
09/jul-10 - displayed at Galleria Ferrari, Maranello, I C177 p20
10/aug/13 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Robert & Joanne Butler
11/aug/19 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Robert Butler
13/jan/26 Platino XXII. Cavallino Classic, class 13 Robert Butler   C194 p33
13/may Best of Show FCA Concours, Pasadena Robert Butler    
13/aug/18 - NS - Gooding & Co's Pebble Beach auction - estm. $3,75-4,5mio
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