1461GT, 59/jun/17   *** 2nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT Interim Berlinetta LWB, all alloy, LHD
 Pale yellow 
chassis type 508D
outside plug race engine type 128 DF
sliding plexiglass side windows
lift-off engine cover, hood blister, fuel filler in left rear fender
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA "00 483 L 4" 
59/jun/20-21 4th OA
2nd GT3.0
24h Le Mans Andre Pilette /
George Arents
#18 FaLM p41 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p85 Pourret p70, 73, 296
59/sep/18-25 dnf
Tour de France Jean Lucas /
Jean-Francois Malle
#164 FY59         TdF p139 Pourret p70
59 - car badly crashed and sent back to Modena to be rebuild with pieces from the wrecked car, modified to disc brakes and tubular shocks, using a TR block (0770TR) OMS p174 (engine)
62 - Harry Theodoracopoulos, USA  
62/sep/16 dnf FIA 400km race, Bridgehampton Harry Theodoracopoulos / Fred Barrette #81
62/dec/09 dna Nassau Speed Week Theodoracopoulos #8  
7. - B. Mayberry, USA  
79 - Bellancauto SpA, Roma, I (Fabrizio Violati) - Scuderia Campidoglio Motori MK12/91    C75 p35 
85/sep/27-29 80 Anni di Sport ACI con la Ferrari, Modena P. De Vita /                 S. Pierotti #147
90/dec/01 - displayed at Violati's "Collezione Maranello Rosso", San Marino
92/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Fabrizio Violati




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