12123 69
Ferrari 365 GTC, LHD
Marrone Colorado/black
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
69 - Campisi, I
7. - exported to USA
76/mar20 - offered in AutoWeek magazine by Ferrari of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA, USA - brown met./black
76 - Fred Siegrist, OR, USA
76/sep/11 - offered in AutoWeek magazine by Fred Siegrist, OR, USA - platinum gold with black interior, fresh paint, new factory exhaust, Borrani wire wheels, a/c
77/mar/27 - offered in the San Francisco Examiner by Ferrari of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA, USA now painted black/black and described as Concours winner
81/jan/04 - offered again in the San Francisco Examiner by Ferrari of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA, USA - freshly repainted red/black, a/c, Borranis, fresh upper engine and gearbox synchros
81/apr - still offered by Ferrari of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA, USA
81 - Sam Drummy, L.A., CA, USA
83/jun/04 - offered in FML, Vol. 8 No. 11, by Drummy, red/black, 33,000miles, asking price $38,000.-
84/oct - still offered by Drummy, asking price now reduced to $36,000.-
8. - Sheldon Brooks, Bel Air, CA, USA
85/oct/19 - offered in FML, Vol. 10 No. 21, by Sheldon Brooks - red/black, Borranis, everything works and is in super condition, 36,000miles, asking price $34,500.-
8. - Dr. P. A. Scheinberg, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
87/aug/08 - offered in FML, Vol. 12 No. 16, by Dr. P. A. Scheinberg - red/black, Borranis with XWX tires, California car with current California registration, very fast, no smoke, air, tool roll, manuals, exceptional mechanicals and cosmetics, asking price $125,000.-
.. - William Capogeannis, Santa Clara, CA, USA
90/mar - offered in FML by William Capogeannis +408 988 0843 - red/black. California registered. Show condition, runs like new. Borranis, XWXs, tool kit and original owner’s manual. Perfect car. Will accept 1984 Boxer trade plus cash. $385,000.-
90/dec. - offered in FML by Walnut Creek Ferrari, asking $350,000.-
91/jan/05 - still offered by Walnut Creek Ferrari in FML asking $350,000.-
9. - Juan Quintano, Madrid, E "H 0027 BBB"
02/dec/20 - NS - Bonhams Gstaad auction - highbid SFr.108,000 - red/black 
02/dec/20 - Mario Bernardi, Hann.Muenden, D (after sale)
03/mar/10 - NS - Bonhams' Geneva auction - Estimate SFr. 120k - 150k
06 - Wolfgang Meiser, Tholey, D
11/aug - DK Engineering, Chorleywood, UK "CBY 478G"
11/aug - offered by DK Engineering:

“Having spent the majority of its life in California 12123 remains in superb condition but more importantly is largely very original without signs of corrosion anywhere. 12123 is matching numbers and currently German registered but available to view immediately at our showrooms just outside London.”

11 - Mark Lunenburg, FL, USA
12/aug - offered by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA asking $379,500.-

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