1147GT 58
Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference

1959 - Guinness, CH (via Italauto SA, Lausanne, CH)

197x - James B. Wise, Oklahoma City, OK  

198x - Merle H. Mickley Mishne, Cleveland, OH


199x - Brian De Vries, Grand Rapids, MI


2000/jun - Walter Giovanelli, Hauppauge, NY

01/jan - NS - Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction - highbid $47,500; red/black, poor older resortation, many engine components incorrectly sprayed silver (the "restorer" did not even bother to remove hoses, so the hose tips were painted silver), Condition 4

2002 - Simon De Giula Botta, Oakland, CA


2003 - ..., CA                                                                             

"PF 250"
2016/apr - Consigned with Fantasy Junction. Asking $650,000  



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