1099GT 58/sep/19
Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe, LHD 
Azzurro & nero/rosso
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Chinetti Motors, NY, NY, USA
59 - Ferrari Representatives of California, Cahuenga Blvd., L.A., CA, USA
59 - Eleonor von Neumann, CA, USA
60/jun - tested by Phil Hill in R&T
60 - ..............., USA
76/aug/18 - Thomas E. Davies, Jr., Costa Mesa, CA, USA "CHR 516 (CA)"
79/feb/02 - Paul Dosier, Newport Beach, CA, USA
02/jun/14 - Larry Menser, Carmel, CA, USA ... White/red; paid $20,000, after it had been sitting in LA for many years
0. - restored by Menser, repainted dark blue/tan
09/aug/11 Concours on the Avenue, Carmel-by-the-Sea Larry Menser
10/sep - Kenneth Goldman, Needham, MA, USA
18/aug/05 Best of Show

“Tutto Italiano”, Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline, MA

Kenneth Goldman




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