0868 68/dec/14
312P Spyder, RHD
converted into 512 Speciale
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
68 - Scuderia Ferrari
68/dec/14 - press launch at Hotel Fini, Modena, I C100 p7
69 - damaged in Vallelunga tests, not ready for Daytona  
69/mar/22 2nd OA
1st IC
12h Sebring Mario Andretti/
Chris Amon
#25 Scarlet Passion p154               C99 p25
69/apr/13 4th OA   4th IC 500km Brands Hatch Chris Amon/
Pedro Rodriguez
#60 FIC p283            C99 p27         Scarlet Passion p154
69/apr/25 acc. 1000km Monza Pedro Rodriguez/
Peter Schetty
#2 FIC p286         C99 p29
69/apr/25 - major accident with severe rear end damage  
69/apr/25 - taken back to factory disassembled and never rebuilt  
69 - remains and an empty engine from 612 s/n 0866 given to PF as basis for the yellow 512 S show car, stamped 002  
69/oct - Turin show car FML V18 N25 p2 - picture
.. - .........., Roma, I  
.. - Massimo Colombo, Roma, I  
.. - A. Raffaelli, Mougins, F, displayed in the Musee de L'Automobiliste Mythos p194-197
90 - Andre Binda, Nice, F  
9. - Francois Fabre, B  



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