0750TR 58
250 TR engine only
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - 0750TR was never completed nor intended to be built as a complete car.
It was in fact "solo motore" a engine only for John von Neumann intended to be used as a spare for his 250 TR s/n
58 - engine installed in 500/625 TRC s/n 0672MDTR by John von Neumann  
81 - engine installed in 0718TR (250 TR) between 81-94  PHF 12/91
94 - 0718TR engine exchanged with Pete Lovely, Tacoma, WA, USA  
0. - engine re-united with 0672MDTR





89/oct - "0750TR" offered for $7,800,000.- by PHF  
92/nar - "0750TR" offered for $2,500,000.- (who built this car ?)  
94/mar - offered by PHF - Ron Spangler, court case pending....  
96 - Bernard Carl, Washington DC, USA (Southampton, NY)  
98/oct - car still needs work



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