Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

0718TR 1957/nov/..
250 TR Spyder Scaglietti, LHD
Silver/red stripe
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1957/nov - ..........  
Note: 0718TR has nothing to do with Equipe Nationale Belge
1958 - Julio Mariscal, Mexico City, MEX - sold on for import tax reasons to  
1958/may/04 dnf
Sidar Airfield,
Nacho Mariscal #..  
1959 - Ferrari Representatives of California (John & Eleanor von Neumann)
767 North Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA, USA    
1959/jul/18 dnf Riverside
Pedro Rodriguez #5 TTT p 77
PH108 p33 
1959/jul/19 dnf
electrical problem
lap 36
Kiwians GP,
Pedro Rodriguez #5 TTT p 77
PH108 p33  C129 p44
1959/aug - Gordon Glyer, Sacramento, CA,  USA
white, after a couple of races painted red
1959/sep/27 3rd OA
2nd S+2.0
USAC Vaca Valley, California Gordon Glyer
1959/oct/11 8th OA
3rd DM
Riverside 200 miles
L.A. Times GP
Gordon Glyer #126 PH108 p33
1959/oct/18 ... Westwood, CDN
Le Mans
Race 6
Gordon Glyer #
1960/jun/05 4th OA
2nd M5
Laguna Seca
Modiefied +1.1
Gordon Glyer #26
1960/jul/10 dnf SCCA Regional Vaca Valley
M3, M4, M5, M6, M7
Gordon Glyer
1961/may/13 1st Sacramento Gordon Glyer
1961/may/14 1st Sacramento Gordon Glyer
1961/jun/11 dnf Laguna Seca Gordon Glyer
1962 - engine & gearbox removed and later chassis only sold to Jack Wilke  
1962 - Chevy V8 engine installed by Jack Wilke
1962 - SCCA magazine engine advertised
1964/nov-dec - engine advertised in Comp Press. Engine went to Tracy Bird who put it into a Cooper Monaco or Lotus XIX and raced it in USRRC
1966 - Wayne Swart, Rescue, CA, USA  
1971 - James W. Keller III, Sacramento, CA, USA  
1973 - William Chizar, SF, CA, USA  
19.. - restoration by Steve Patience, Palo Alto, CA, USA  
19.. - V12 Ferrari engine installed, built up with parts from Joel E. Finn  
1981 - Bill Chizar installed engine 0750TR (250 TR engine only)  
1984/aug/23 Class R
International Ferrari Concours Bill Chizar    
1984/aug/25-26 10th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Bill Chizar    
19.. - Pete Lovely in Washington obtained original engine later  
1987/feb/12 - Bob Baker, Omaha, NE, USA C67 p20-27
1988   Mille Miglia Baker /
#298  "1 2002 (NE)"
1988/aug/19-21 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Bob Baker
1990/sep/18-23 Colorado Grand Bob Baker
1991 Colorado Grand Bob Baker
199. - engine 0718TR re-installed  
1992/apr - Brandon Wang, HK (UK)  
1992/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Brandon Wang
1992/aug/13-16 Trofeo Bugatti, Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Brandon Wang #291
1992/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Brandon Wang
1994/may/05-08   Mille Miglia Brandon Wang / Perry #330 C82 p21 "0718"
1994/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Brandon Wang C84 p33
1995/may/05-07 1st Spa Ferrari Days, race 1 Phil Hill #19 C88 p41, 44
1995/jul/29-30 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Brandon Wang
1995/oct/13-15 Tutte le Ferrari in Pista, Mugello Brandon Wang / Phil Hill
1996/may/03-05 dns Spa Ferrari Days Paul Alexander
1997/may/17-18 Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Monza Gary Pearson
1997/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Brandon Wang
1997/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Brandon Wang
1998/oct - Lawrence Stroll, Montreal, CDN - $5.5mio "2 LLS"
2000/jan/20-21 IX. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso Lawrence Stroll
2000/jan/21 dns Ferrari Historic Challenge, Moroso Park race 1 Lawrence Stroll    
2000/jan/22 Class 11
IX. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
2000/may/27-28 GP Historique Monaco Lawrence Stroll #30c
2000/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Lawrence Stroll / Gary Pearson #11
2001/jan/18-19 X. Cavallino Classic Track event, Moroso Lawrence Stroll
2001/jan/19 5th OA
3rd IC
Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, Drum brake race Lawrence Stroll #39
2001/jan/20 Class 11
X. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
2001/aug/18-19   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Lawrence Stroll    
2002/jan/24-25 XI. Cavallino Classic Track Days, Moroso Park Lawrence Stroll  
2002/jan/25 1st OA Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Moroso Park, Drum brake race Lawrence Stroll #39  
2002/may/02-04 Mille Miglia Lawrence Stroll / Jay D. Felter #375
2003/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
2004/jan/24-25 XIII. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
2004/aug/14-15 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Lawrence Stroll #39
2006/jan/17-18 Class 3
1st OA
Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, drum brake race Lawrence Stroll #39 C152 p32
2006/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
2007/jan/26-28 XVI. Cavallino Classic Lawrence Stroll
2014/aug/17 Class M-3
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Lawrence Stroll M3-04  
2020 - Johann Peter Rupert, SA  

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