0726TR 58
Ferrari 250 TR Spyder Scaglietti 58, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Scuderia Ferrari  
58/mar/22 2nd OA
2nd S3.0
12h Sebring Luigi Musso /
Olivier Gendebien
#16 TRJF p40 C105 p26 AMS 8/58 p26
58/mar/22 - Gendebien drives up the back of a Lister TRJF p42, but can continue  
58 - rebodied 58-style front  
58/may/11 1st OA
1st S3.0
Targa Florio Luigi Musso /
Olivier Gendebien
#106 FY58
TES         C96 p35 AMS 11/58 p26, 27
58/jun/01 evt. also von Trips 4th OA
4th S3.0
1000km Nuerburgring Phil Hill /
Luigi Musso
#5 Ca9 p42
58/jun/21-22 dnf
lap 101
24h Le Mans Graf Berghe von Trips /
Wolfgang Seidel
#16 Ca9 p48 FaLM p37
58 - transformed in TR 59  
58/dec/09 - press conference car  
59 - Carlos Kauffmann, Caracas, VEN (Ferrari Dealer)  
59/mar - Lino Fayen, Caracas, VEN  
59/mar/15 2nd Premio La Trinidad Lino Fayen #18  
59/sep ... Premio Ciudad Ojeda #6  
59 - raced in and around Venezuela and rented the car out to other drivers as Fayen considered it no longer competitive  
59/dec/04 14th OA 9th C 5 Lap Governor's Trophy over 2-litres heat, Nassau Ettore Chimeri #116  
59/dec/04 7th OA
5th C
12 Lap Governor's Trophy over 2-litres heat, Nassau Ettore Chimeri #116  
59/dec/05 4th OA
4th O2L
Ferrari race,
Ettore Chimeri #116  
59/dec/06 43rd OA
Nassau Trophy Ettore Chimeri #116 BSW p152 
fat. acc.
GP Cuba Ettore Chimeri #12 according to
NSSN p11 60/mar/2
was it a maserati 3.0
in practice, also see
1037 & 0750TR


Ettore Chimeri rented the car and entered it in Cuban Grand Prix. In the two day time trial practice before the race he was running near the back of the field and remained very uncompetative. The next day, Saturday February 27th, 1960 the day before the main race, late in the practice session, he lost control of 0726TR at the end of a long straight. He went of the road, was thrown from the car and died instantly. The car ended up in a ravine having traveled backwards into an embankment. The car was heavily damaged and Chimeri's mechanic after reporting back to Fayen decided that it was not worth the expense of recovery. The car remained far off the road at this site until 1963 when it was removed and dumped in a Cuban Military scrapyard.





79 - remnants dicsovered in Cuba, chassis minus engine & gearbox exported to USA
99/sep - remnants of 0726TR are owned by Bernie Carl, Washington DC, USA
(is the car which was stamped 0750TR now turned into 0726TR ?)

- see also 0750TR




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