0674 57
Ferrari 315S converted to 335 Sport after MM, RHD
Chassis type 520
Date Result Event Driver # Reference

56/aug - 0626 was converted to 315 S and renumbered 0674 ... after the Sweden GP

it is stamped with 3 chassis numbers 0626 0656 and 0674
57 - Scuderia Ferrari  
57/mar/23 6th OA
5th S5.0
12h Sebring Peter Collins /
Maurice Trintignant
#11 PH51 p13
PH92 p32
CA7 p92      Mythos p85
57/may/11-12 2nd OA
2nd S+2.0
Mille Miglia W. Graf Berghe von Trips #532 "BO 81824" prova LLM
LTM p167
FF p45
CA7 p31               Mythos p85     Red Arrows p170, 266
57/... -  converted to 335 Sport
57/jun/22-23 dnf
lap 56
24h Le Mans Mike Hawthorn /
Luigi Musso
#7 for LM the car was stamped 0656 FaLM p34    Mythos p85
57/aug/11 4th OA
4th S+2.0
Swedish GP, Kristianstad Mike Hawthorn /
Luigi Musso
CA7 p5, p38,p45
Ca9 p14
stamped 0674 again SuR p166
- before the Venezuela GP the front of  0674 (together with 0700) was modified with pontoon fenders for better brake cooling SuR p167  Modena Racing Memories p45, 78
57/nov/03 2nd OA
2nd S+2.0
1000km Caracas (GP Venezuela) Mike Hawthorn /
Luigi Musso
#12 TES p100, 101
Ca9 p17
in Kauffmann's show room
57 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA  
58/feb/24 1st - race was red flagged in lap 6 GP Cuba,
Stirling Moss #4  
58 - leased to Mike Garber, Framingham, MA, USA for Gus Andrey  
58/jun/08 2nd OA 2nd CM SCCA Thompson,
race 5
Gaston Andrey #25
58/jun/28 10th OA
1st DM
SCCA Watkins Glen Classic
Ed Gelder #135 was Gelders Monza 0552M
58/sep/07 1st OA
1st CM
Road America 500, Elkhart Lake Gaston Andrey /
Lance Reventlow
#25 C148 p65
58/sep/18 3rd OA
SCCA Watkins Glen GP Gaston Andrey #25 NASCR p291
58/dec/05 5th OA
4th C
Governor's Trophy over 2-litres,
5 Lap heat,
Gaston Andrey #25  
58/dec/05 dnf
Governor's Trophy,
25 Laps 
Gaston Andrey #25
58/dec/07 dnf
Nassau Trophy Gaston Andrey #25  
59 - ............  
6. - discovered by Bob Dusek, Solebruy, PA, USA (architect)  
69 - Pierre Bardinon, Aubusson, F - Mas du Clos Mythos p82-89
SuR p163
Raupp10/3    C194 p7
87/may/22 - displayed at Cartier 'Hommage a Ferrari' exhibition, Paris, F
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Pierre Bardinon
16/feb/05 - Artcurial Retromobil Auction
Lot 170 - Est. €28,000,000 - 32,000,000 -
Sold €32,075,200 / £24,693,782  / $35,711,359
16/feb/05 - Brian Ross, Cortland, OH, USA
16/dec/03 *Ferrari with Most Significant Race History – most significant race history Finali Mondiali Daytona, Florida
Ferrari Classiche Concours
Brian & Kimberly Ross    
19/jan/26   Cavallino Classic Brian & Kimberly Ross    
19/mar/10 Best in Show, Concours de Sport Amelia Island Concours Cavallino Investments, Cortland, OH    
  Focus 19/june/14 ...
 - Lionel Messi, ARG
19/aug/18   Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance Cavallino Investments, Cortland, OH     


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