0644MDTR 56
Ferrari 625 LM Spyder Touring, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Scuderia Ferrari
56/jul/28-29 3rd OA 2nd S2.0 24h Le Mans Olivier Gendebien / Maurice Trintignant  #12 FaLM p28
56 - Porfirio Rubirosa, DOM (note Touring sign on bonnet) FY57
56/nov/04 12th OA
5th S+2.0
II GP Venezuela,
Rubirosa #50
57/oct/26-27 accident
rolled hit a tree
SCCA Nationals
The President's Cup,
Virginia Raceway, preliminary
David Cunningham #50
- rolled and hit a tree
- missing ???
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