0642MDTR 56/jun
Ferrari 500 (625) LM Spyder Touring, RHD 
Chassis tipo 518 
Engine tipo 131 B, no. interno 54TR
Gearbox tipo 518, no. 20MD
Touring body no. 4347

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - SF - fitted with 2.0 liter engine 
56/jun/24 1st OA
1st S2.0
GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Peter Collins /
Mike Hawthorn
#64 4CS p99 1000km di Monza p23, 24
FY56         C151 p34, 35, 38
56/jul - SF - fitted with 2.5 liter engine 
56/jul/29 accident
24h Le Mans Alfonso de Portago /
Duncan Hamilton
#11 FaLM p30 C151 p39, 46 C155 p7
56 - repaired at factory and re- fitted with 2.0 liter engine 
56/aug/25-26 1st OA
1st S2.0
5h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Phil Hill #.
56 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
56/sep - Robert Publicker, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
56/sep/15 dna International Sports Car GP, Watkins Gen,
race 6
Bob Publicker #79
56/oct/28 5th OA
1st EM
Thompson, BP, CP, DP, GM
David Ash #14  
56/dec/07  ... 5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E & F, Nassau Bob Publicker #34
56/dec/07 41st OA 15th E 20 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau Bob Publicker #34
57 - repainted yellow with red wheels
57/may dns Cumberland Bob Publicker
57 disq. Lime Rock David Ash
58 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
58 - Lloyd 'Lucky' Casner, Miami, FL, USA
58/feb/16 2nd OA
2nd EM
New Smyrna Beach Lucky Casner #333
58/mar/09 3rd OA
2nd EM
2nd Annual Boca Raton Sports Car Races,
race 1
Lucky Casner #34
58/mar/09 2nd OA 2nd Annual Boca Raton Sports Car Races,
race 3
Lucky Casner #34
58/mar/15 1st OA Opa Locka Lucky Casner
58/apr/27 ... Dunnellon Len Butscher #34  
58/may/18 ... OA
3rd EM
SCCA National Cumberland EM, FM Len Butscher #11
58/aug - William Kimberly, Chicago, IL, USA - paid $4.250.-
.. - repainted red with white stripes run from grill over bonnet over doors to lower part of rear fender
59/mar/05 2nd OA
1st IC
Boca Raton,
race 2
E.D. Martin #5
59/mar 2nd OA
1st IC
Boca Raton,
Bill Kimberly
59/apr/05 4th OA
1st EM
SCCA National Pensacola,
Bill Kimberly #5  
59/may/31 dnf
Masters Field,
Bill Kimberly #50 PH52 p24
59/aug/16 6th OA
1st DM
SCCA Regional Milwaukee
Bill Kimberly #5 EM moved to DM
59/sep/05 USAC Meadowdale,
race 2
Bill Kimberly #5 C153 p25 
59/sep/06 ... USAC Meadowdale Bill Kimberly #5
60/apr/23 1st OA SCCA National Lime Rock
Bill Kimberly #5
60/may/29 dnf
SCCA National Bridgehampton
Bill Kimberly #5 Finn p202
60/oct/22 4th OA
SCCA Regional Lime Rock Bill Kimberly #5  
61jun/18 dnf Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
race 4
Bill Kimberly #5
61/jul/23 Meadowdale,
race 5
Bill Kimberly #5
61 - Dan Gerber, Oswego, MI, USA
6. - AFB Northern IL Dan Gerber #5 PH56 p5
62/may/27 1st EM RSCCA Divisional Grayling AAF, MI
Dan Gerber #5
62/sep/09 13th OA
4th EM
Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
Dan Gerber /
Clif Bridge
62 - Deur-Speet Buick Dealership, Freemont, MI, USA
63/jun - Arthur Burmeister, Sterling, MI, USA
63/sep/14 1st EM SCCA Divisional, Grayling AAF, MI,
Saturday race
Art Burmeister
63/sep/15 3rd EM SCCA Divisional, Grayling AAF, MI,
Sunday race
Art Burmeister
80 - Joseph W. Moch, Grand Rapids, MI, USA C153 p6
85 - Thomas Stegmann, Cincinnati, OH, USA
87 - Stephen D. Barney, Summerfield, NC, USA  
87   Mille Miglia Steve Barney /
Gerald Roush
#268 MM87 p120,
FSN next to 0536   
"1359414 (NC)"
87/may/01 1st FCA Concours Wolf Trap Farm, class 15 Steve Barney C40 p53
92/nov - $800,000 - TRM  
93/jun/11 3rd IC FCA National Concours Palm Beach Gardens, class 17 Steve Barney C76 p18
94 - Shin-Ichi Yasuoka, Kawasaki, J
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 28 Shin Yasuoka
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Shin-Ichi Yasuoka
98/sep/22-23 2nd Neko Historic Automobile Festival Shin-Ichi Yasuoka
99/jun/05-06 Forza Ferrari, Ferrari Club of Japan Meet, Suzuka Shin-Ichi Yasuoka
03/feb - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
03/feb - Charles T. Wegner, West Chicago, IL, USA C151 p32-46
04/jan/24 Silver XIII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 11 Charles Wegner
05/jan/20-21 8th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, drum brake race Charles Wegner #11
05/jan/22 XIV. Cavallino Classic Charles Wegner
05/mar - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA Motorsport 3/05 p80
05/jun/28 - NS - Sotheby's at Ferrari auction - highbid €1,6mio
0. - William Jacobs, Joliet, IL, USA
06/aug/20 Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Bill Jacobs
.. - …………………………., HK


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