0606 56
Ferrari 290 MM Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
Chassis type 520
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Scuderia Ferrari
56/aug/11-12 1st OA
1st S
Swedish GP,
Maurice Trintignant / Phil Hill #3  
56 - Jacques Swaters, Brussels, B - Ecurie Nationale Belge "81030 BO" 
- yellow with black central stripe
57/may/01 2nd IC 1500m de Bruxelles Jacques Swaters #212
57/may/12 dns GP de Spa Jacques Swaters #25 Delsaux p150
57/may/30 accident 6h Forez,
St. Etienne
Willy Mairesse #78  
57/jun/09 4th OA
4th S+2.0
VI. GP Portugal, Monsanto circuit Alain de Changy #19
57/jun/22-23 dnf
24h Le Mans Jacques Swaters / Alain de Changy #11 EF p71
FY57      FaLM p33
57/aug/11 dnf
Swedish GP,
Willy Mairesse /       Michel Ringoir #11 EF p71
57/aug/25 dna GP R.A.C.B. Spa Alain de Changy #10
57/sep/14 5th OA
5th S+2.7
Daily Express Trophy,
Willy Mairesse #81
57 - back to factory
58 - raced by Gotfrid Koechert, Wien, A as replacement for his damaged 250 TR
58/aug/15 3rd IC
Großer Bergpreis von Oesterreich, Gaisbergrennen Gotfrid Koechert #120 Gaisberg p149
58/aug/17 dnf
Internationales Auto- und Motorradrennen, Flugplatz Zeltweg Gotfrid Koechert #120 AMS 24/58 p27
59/sep/24 - converted to 250 TR/59-specs (according to factory build sheets), repainted yellow
59 - Chico Landi, Sao Paulo, BR - sold as a "new" car with TR engine (engine could be in 0758TR), (Esuderia Lagartixa, BR) C12/91 p7
59 - Escuderia Lagartixa for Jean Luis Lacerda Soares
60/apr/24 2nd OA GP President J. Kubitscheck, BR Jean Luis Lacerda #81
60/nov/05 Grande Premio do Rio Janeiro, II Barra da Tijuca Jean Luis Lacerda #81
60/jun/15 GP Interlagos Jean Luis Lacerda #81
62/dec/08 fat. acc. 500km Interlagos Rio Negri
6. - Negri died driving the car when he crashed after having mistaken the center throttle for the brake while entering a corner. The car was burned to a crisp, with few remains left. 
6. - remains sold to Camilo Christofaro, Sao Paulo, BR (Landi's cousin) - he used the bits (partial chassis, suspension, transaxle) to build a Ford V-8 "Speciale" and campaigned it through the 1960's.





This car is obviously built around the piece of chassis tube from 290 MM s/n 0606


85 - Camilo Christofaro, Sao Paolo, BR  
86 - Paolo Sebastiani, London, UK  
8. - chassis rebuilt as a tipo 525 replica frame by Vaccari, I (only some original frame pieces left) using factory plans for 0726TR (! - see Note #1)  
8. - 250 GTE engine installed, rebuilt to 250 TR-specs by Franco Toni, I
8. - new body built by Len Pritchard, UK
8. - reconstruction assembled by Neil Twyman, London, UK  
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Paolo Sebastiani
9. - John Godfrey, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK "36 SF"
95/jun/24-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood John Godfrey
95/jul/09 FOC Concours, Castle Ashby John Godfrey
98/mar - offered for $1.5mio  
98/sep/18-20 Goodwood Revival Meeting Ben Cussons #11
.. - ..............., USA


Note #1:

When the remains of 0606 were brought out of Brasil it was thought they belonged to 0726 TR, so the car was reconstructed as a copy of 0726TR as it existed with an envelope body in 1959 and LHD! Only later when Godfrey owned the car and began to check internal numbers stamped on the pieces did he discover that what he had were the remains of 0606.

Note #2:

According to John Godfrey, what came out of Brazil from Camillo Christofaro were 

(1) the original rear chassis frame complete with gearbox,
(2) transaxle, 
(3) de Dion, 
(4) drive shafts and hubs, 
(5) transverse leaf spring, 
(6) disc brakes with shocks installed, 
(7) bell housing, 
(8) damaged front wishbones, 
(9) drop arm, 
(10) track rods, 
(11) steering wheel and column, 
(12) gearshift and linkage, 
(13) various other bits and pieces. 

 All these parts came out of the Ford V-8 hot rod that Christofaro had built. 

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