Ferrari 500 TR Spyder Scaglietti, *** first ***
engine type 131
Gearbox #2/Md
Rear Axle #1/Md
Designated on the build sheets as the 'Prototype'
Yellow with a black nose
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56/feb/19 - Jacques Swaters' Ecurie Francorchamps, B EF p62
56/mar/11 8th OA
1st S2.0
GP du Senegal,
Jacques Swaters #27  
56/may/05 18th OA
6th S2.0
Daily Express,
Roger Laurent #29  
56/may/13 3rd OA
1st S2.0
GP des Voitures de Serie, Spa Paul Frère #8 Delsaux p134, 136
56/may/20 5th OA
2nd S2.0
GP des Frontières, Chimay Roger Laurent #26  
56/jun/10 dnf 1000km Paris,
F. Rousselle /    Lucien Bianchi #26 EF p227     Les Grandes Heures de Monthlery p240
56/jun/24 dnf
GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Paul Frère /
#56 1000km di Monza p23
56/jun/30 dns 12h de Reims Alain de Changy /     F. Rousselle #14  
56/jul/29 dnf 24h Le Mans Lucien Bianchi /
Alain de Changy
57 - sold back to factory  
57 - Francois Picard, Nice, F  
57/apr/28 2nd OA
2nd S+1.5
Internationales Flugplatzrennen, Wien-Aspern, Sportwagen ueber 1100cc Francois Picard #3  Image 1
57/may/30 8th OA
1st S2.0
6h Forez,
St. Etienne
Francois Picard #52  
57/aug/11  14th OA
5th S2.0
Swedish GP,
Francois Picard /
57 - ...., ..  
57 - returned to factory  
57 - Pedro Rodriguez, MEX  
57 - sold to Chinetti’s N.A.R.T  
57/dec/01 acc.
40th OA
Tourist Trophy,
Pedro Rodriguez #110  
57/dec/06 dnf
23rd OA
10th E
5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E & F, Nassau Pedro Rodriguez #110  
57/dec/06 9th OA
15 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau Pedro Rodriguez #110  
- crash with a Porsche 550 RSK, front damaged  
58 - rebodied by Scaglietti with Pontoon Fender TR body SuR p143
58/jun/21-22 dnf
24h Le Mans Pedro Rodriguez /
Jose Behra
#25 FaLM p36
58 - Lloyd "Lucky" Perry Casner, Miami & J.C. 'Jim' Hunt
59/feb/09 2nd  New Smyrna Beach Lucky Casner #333  
59/mar 1st OA Opa-Locka Lucky Casner    
59/mar/09 1st IC
2nd OA
Boca Raton
3rd race
Lucky Casner   "Lucky" p19
59/mar/09 ? Boca Raton
6th race, heavy rain
Lucky Casner    
59/mar/21 N.A.R.T. entry 13th OA
12h Sebring Lucky Casner /
Jim Hunt
#19T SuR p139 C105 p30 AMS 8/59 p34
59/oct/11 4th OA
SCCA Regional Vineland
Robert Fermato #...  
59/oct/11 2nd OA
SCCA Regional Vineland
Robert Fermato #...  
60/feb/28 - GP Cuba, of course Camoradi was there. Moss won in the Camoradi T61 and David Lane had 0722, and Gregory was in Lane's RSK that Camoradi managed and Jim Jeffords raced the Camoradi Corvette, but here is an interesting point.
Shelby and Gurney were supposed to race  Camoradi T61s, but Casner only brought one for Moss. So Shelby was assigned a 2.0 Ferrari which Moss borrowed "to learn the course.". On Friday Moss blew the engine!

This explains why #16 is absent from the starting line up.
67 - Tiny Gould  
67 - Robert E. Rich, Buffalo, NY, USA  
75 - Paul Pappalardo, Greenwich, CT, USA  
76 - Greg Miller, USA - traded for 0820. The 275/330 P was all apart and the 500 TR was essentially restored 98/5 offered for $2.0mio  
92/mar - restored again with pontoon fenders PH54 p11
98 - Deventer Museum, NL C113 p11  FW No.32 p30
99/dec - Udayan D. Ghose, Norfolk, CT, USA in exchange for
Tojeiro-Aston Martin
$150,000 to 175,000
Drogo-bodied 250 s/n
3611GT $140,000 USD
.. - repainted red  
00/jun/17 dnf Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Mans Dan Ghose #47  
01/jan/19 7th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, Drum brake race Dan Ghose #25
01/jan/19 X. Cavallino Classic Tour of Palm Beach Dan Ghose
01/jan/20   X. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Dan Ghose    
01/jan/20 La Coppa per 4 Cilindri X. Cavallino Classic Dan Ghose    
01/may/17-19 Mille Miglia Ghose /
02/feb - William Binnie, Boston, MA, USA  
.. - Les Wexner - New Albany, OH  
2020/mar/08 The Denise McCluggage Trophy Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Les Wexner    



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