0529GT 56
250 GT Boano Low Roof Coupe, alloy, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Mario Pasquini Raspolli, Caracas, VEN
74 - D. P. Strathan, Richmond, CA, USA
.. - Jose Harth, Caracas, VEN
06/mar - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA
- in need of the mother of all restorations
06/aug/18 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Tom Shaughnessy
../... - James H. Fuchs, Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA  
15/jan/22   Palm Beach International Raceway James H. Fuchs    
15/aug/13   Pebble Beach Tour d´Elegance James H. Fuchs    
15/aug/16   Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance 2015
Class M2 – Ferrari Competition
James H. Fuchs    




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