0422MD 54
500 Mondial Berlinetta PF
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Cogemati SA, Casablanca, MA  
54 - leased to Mario Dustaritz via Cogemati’s André Vanoni. (Leasing arrangements avoided French custom duties.)  
54/sep/03-12 dnf Tour de France Mario Dustaritz /
Lino Fayen
#233 "3092 MA 24"
SuR p115
FP p105
FCR V2 p83      
TdF p90 Émotion Ferrari p115
54/sep - car temporarily seized for lack of lease payments.  
55/may/29 7th OA
2nd S2.0
GP Tanger Mario Dustaritz   this was most likely a Scaglietti Spyder, also raced in the coming weeks in Morocco
56 - Jean Piger, F  
02/mar/03 - J&M, LLC ... via Marc Souvrain / Paul Koot  - paid $1.2mio  
03/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Jon & Mary Shirley
03/jan/25 Coppa 4 Cilindri XII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza Jon & Mary Shirley C134 p36
03/jan/25 Preservation Cup XII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza Jon & Mary Shirley
03/jan/25 Silver XII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 13 Jon & Mary Shirley
03/apr/02-04 Silver FCA Annual National Meet, Sebring, class 1 Jon & Mary Shirley C136 p19
12/aug/19 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class L-2 Jon & Mary Shirley C191 p70
20/oct - ……………………..IT (via Simon Kidston) C242 p32-41




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