500 Mondial PF Spyder (0424)
In 1955
0564MD was renumbered as 0424MD for carnet reasons
510/111/509, T/A 36s
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Francois Picard, Nice, F  
4th OA
1st S2.0
9h Hedemora Francois Picard #21  
54/jun/06 2nd OA
1st S2.0
12h de Hyères Francois Picard /
Charles Pozzi
  Émotion Ferrari p104
54/jun/20 dnf
GP Autodromo Imola Francois Picard #
54/jul/04 9th OA
1st S2.0
12h Reims Francois Picard / Charles Pozzi #28 SuR p114
54/jul/24-25 dn? III. 10h di Messina
(Notturna Messinese)
Francois Picard / Landi #5
54/aug/31 - registered by Picard in the name of S.A.I.P.A. Srl., Via Carlo Sigonio 454, Modena, I on plated "MO 33757"
54/sep - M. Dupont, F
54/sep/03-12 dnf Tour de France M. Dupont /              Biagini #234 Émotion Ferrari p115 TdF p89 "33757 MO"
55/feb/05-06 Critérium Neige et Glace M. Dupont #12 Émotion Ferrari p116
55/spring - Dupont returned the PF S1 car to the factory and traded up to a new S2 Scaglietti bodied car which would have been 0564MD in the normal numbering sequence.
55 - 500 Mondial Scaglietti Spyder Series II 7th stamped 0424MD  
55 - what happened with 0424MD ?




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