0374AM 53/dec/15
Ferrari 375 MM Spyder PF, RHD
PF job no. 12565 
Blue with yellow stripe/beige
renumbered 0362 first 0374AM and finally 0382 (most likely only on the build sheet)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Enrique Diaz Saenz Valiente alias 'Patoruzu', ARG FY54      C60 p5
54/jan/04 dnf IV. GP do Cidade de Rio de Janeiro,
Circuito da Gavea
José Maria Ibanez    
54/jan/24 accident rolled
lap 11
1000km Buenos Aires José Maria Ibanez /
Ignacio Janices
#14 C57 p23

blue with yellow stripe
54 - repaired, repainted red with black bonnet & white nose
54 1st Gran Premio Mar del Plata José Maria Ibanez    
54/may/23 1st 500 Milas Rafaela Enrique Diaz Valiente    
54/jun/27 1st Buenos Aires Autodromo Handicap race Enrique Diaz Valiente    
54/jul/04 1st Premio Invierno,
Autodromo de Buenos Aires
Enrique Diaz Valiente   C57 p22
54/jul/11 1st 1st GP de Independencia Enrique Diaz Valiente    
54/sep/05 1st IV. Silver Anniversary GP, Tres Arroyos Enrique Diaz Valiente    
54/sep/11 1st Turismo Carretera road race Enrique Diaz Valiente    
54/oct/31 1st OA National Buenos Aires Enrique Diaz Valiente #2  
54/oct/31 2nd OA National Buenos Aires
Enrique Diaz Valiente #2  
54/oct/31 1st Premio Primavera Enrique Diaz Valiente    
Note: Ibanez had 375 MM s/n 0362, it may have been mistaken since this engine has been in this car (or still is, stamped 0398TF)  
54 - Castro Cranwell, ARG  
54/nov - Carlos Raul Najurieta & Cesar Rivero, ARG  
5. - engine 0274M installed  
54/dec/19 2nd OA Buenos Aires Carlos Najurieta
55/jan/23 2nd OA
2nd Sports
2nd S+3.0
1000km Buenos Aires Carlos Najurieta /
Cesar Rivero
55/feb/27 1st Anniversary GP,
Mar del Plata
Carlos Najurieta    
55/mar/13 1st OA II. Autodromo GP,
National Buenos Aires
Carlos Najurieta    
55/apr/03-04 2nd V. Automobilists Association GP,
National Rosario
Circuito del Parco
Carlos Najurieta    
55/apr/17 1st OA IX. Autumn GP,
Buenos Aires 
Carlos Najurieta #4  
55/may/29 3rd 500 Milas Rafaela, Argentine Carlos Najurieta    
55/jul/10 2nd
II. Independenzia GP, Buenos Aires Carlos Najurieta    
55/aug/28 2nd GP d'Inverno GP,
Buenos Aires
Carlos Najurieta    
1955 1st Argentine Championship of Sports Cars Carlos Najurieta    
56/jan/29 dnf
1000km Buenos Aires Carlos Najurieta /      Cesar Rivero #46 dark bonnet
56/jun/04 1st 500 Milas Rafaela, Argentine  Carlos Najurieta    
57/jan/20 acc. in practice 1000km Buenos Aires Carlos Najurieta /      Cesar Rivero    
57/jan/20 - crashed heavily hitting a tree by Rivero during practice  
57 - Ford V8 engine installed  
*** this is a car, also  stamped "0362" today (1983) (according to swiss "historian") ***      
83 - reputedly discovered in derelict condition in Montevideo, UR  
83 - Count Vittorio Zanon di Valguriata, I - red/tan  
83 - engine number 0376AM installed (sold by Dick Meritt)
Note ... An engine with the stamping 0364AM ... overstamped ... with a uncommon stamp is showing 0376AM
83 - restored by Novajra & Conrero, Torino, I  
87   Mille Miglia Vittorio Zanon / Brignone #215   
88 - Giorgio Perfetti, Castel San Pietro, CH (I)  
88   Mille Miglia Perfetti /
#124 MM88 p24 "TI 34430"
88/oct/09 - S - Orion Monaco auction - $1,653,900 incl. comm.   
88/oct/09 - .................
89/aug - offered by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA C52 p3 C57 p20-27 C9 p15
89 - Yoshijuki Hayashi, Tokyo, J via EAS  
95 - Yoshiho Matsuda, Tokyo, J  
95 - displayed at Matsuda's Ferrari Museum of Art, Gotenba, J C92 p24
95/apr/08 3rd IC Forza Ferrari Concours, Suzuka, class 1 Yoshiho Matsuda
98/aug - Christopher Cox, Chapel Hill, NC, USA - light blue/yellow  
99/jan/21-22 VIII. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso Motorsports Park Chris Cox
99/jan/23 Platinum VIII. Cavallino Classic Concorso d'Eleganza, class 11 Chris Cox C110 p39
99/jan - asking $3,700,000.-  
99/jul - Cavallino Holdings, Seattle, WA, USA  
99/aug/28 - NS - Brooks Quail Lodge auction - highbid $2,0mio  
00/may/27 - NS - Brooks Monaco auction - highbid FF 13.000.000  
00 - driven on the "Hamilton Tour" in France  
00/aug - offered by Duncan Hamilton, UK, now red C124 p4
00 - planned to be driven at Goodwood by Gary Pearson but something ??  
00/dec - offered by Duncan Hamilton, UK  
02/apr/26-28 dns Spa Ferrari Days, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, drum brake race Gary Pearson #32
03/jun - offered by Gregor Fisken, London, UK, now red with black central stripe  
03/aug - still offered by Gregor Fisken, London, UK C136 p13
04/jan/24-25 XIII. Cavallino Classic John McCaw
06 - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA
08/aug/15 The Quail, Carmel Valley Tom Shaughnessy
12/may/12 - NS - RM's Monaco auction - highbid €2,9mio


Note #1:
While parked next to a 375 MM PF Spider (s/n 0376AM) with its original bodywork it turned out, that '0362', which is offered now for years without success, differs in almost every aspect to an original 375 MM

Note #2:
the car pictured in the FY57 racing at Cote de Dinant should be a 166 MM s/n 0064M

the car pictured is 375 MM driven by Ascari in the 12h Casablanca race


above is the answer to the question below
we leave on the page to avoid any further mistakes
why and how did this car come from Argentina to Belgium ?
why does it look completely different then 0374 ?
the radiator flap opens to the front (this was differed from car to car)
why did the car look like it was photographed in '53 see FEO p 493 and FP p 154

57/oct/20 1st corsa in salita di dinant Burlies or Beurlys ? #1 FY57
FP p154
FEO p492
- 2 piece overlapping screen  




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