Ferrari 375 MM

0362AM (ex0376AM?) 1953/oct31
Ferrari 375 MM Spyder PF, RHD
PF job no. 12569
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1954 - Tony Parravano, L.A., CA, USA "12107 EE"
1954/may 172mph El Mirage dry lake      
1954/jun/06 1st OA SCCA National Golden Gate Park,
Jack McAfee #105C FY54
1954/jul/04 1st OA
1st CM
SCCA National Omaha GP,
Offutt AFB
Jack McAfee #55
1954/oct/17 1st OA Palm Springs Road Races, main Bob Drake #190  
1955/mar/13 dnf
refueling fire
12h Sebring Jack McAfee #11  
1955/mar/13 - rear end caught fire damaging rear fenders & trunk lid  
1955 - repaired, repainted maroon  
1955/mar/26 3rd OA
2nd CM
Palm Springs Road Races,
Preliminary Modified +3.0
Jack McAfee #211  
1955/mar/27 1st OA
1st CM
Palm Springs Road Races,
Sports +1500
Jack McAfee #211  
1955/may/01 acc. (rolled)
26th OA
SCCA National Bakersfield
Jack McAfee #98
1955 - chassis shortened with the intention to enter it - highly modified for the 1955 Mexican Road Race but this plan collapsed when this event was canceled
1957 - Frank Arciero, Montebello, CA, USA - still incomplete  
1957 - some parts of 0362AM including the original rear frame sold to Colonel Sorrell in an IRS auction  
1957-58 - project finished by Arciero putting a Mistral fiberglass body on the chassis  
1958/oct/12 2nd OA USAC Times-Mirror GP, Riverside Dan Gurney #69 FAlb p32
1959/jan/31 1st Pomona, prelim Dan Gurney #69  
1959/feb/01 4th Pomona, main Dan Gurney #69
1959/mar/07   USAC Pomona,
Dan Gurney #69  
1959/mar/08 dnf USAC Pomona,
Dan Gurney #69  
1959 - 4.2-litre V8 Maserati Indianapolis engine installed  
1959/oct/11 dnf L.A. Times GP,
Dan Gurney #69  
1959/oct/25 3rd OA
1st CM
Pacific Coast Championship Sports Car Road Races
Laguna Seca
Skip Hudson #99  
1959/dec/06 ...
Nassau Memorial race Skip Hudson #100
1959/dec/06 54th OA
lap 9
Nassau Trophy Skip Hudson #100
1960/may/29 6th OA
1st CM
Santa Barbara Modified Bob Bondurant #69  
1960/jun/26 dnf
fuel pump
laps 18 / 20
SCCA Regional Pomona
Bob Bondurant #69
1960/oct/16 12th OA
11th +2.0
L.A. Times GP,
Bob Bondurant #69  
1961/oct/15 dnf L.A. Times GP,
Don Hulette #69
196. - Ron Kellog, Whittier, CA, USA  
196. - at that point it was painted Gold and was fitted with a new Kamm-style tail, but through the years it had retained the original Ferrari 375 MM front frame section, suspension, steering system, differential, wheels and brakes.  
1968 - Charles Betz & Fred Peters, Orange, CA, USA  
1968 - Betz and Peters purchased the rolling chassis and spare wheels from Ron Kellogg and began to locate and purchase the missing components. Some parts were purchased from the inventory of Luigi Chinetti.  
198. - Betz and Peters sourced many parts exclusive to the 375 MM, including an original “electron” magnesium case transmission from 0364AM (Tipo 102/comp, #3/D), from Newport Beach collector Ernie Beutler, who had owned several Lampredi-engined race cars.  
198. - for years Betz and Peters had visited Bob Sorrell and tried to purchase from him the rear frame section removed from the car when Parravano decided to modify it. The frame section rested tantalizingly against the wall in his shop, along with the engine cover and metal tonneau cover. He refused to sell any part for many years  
1986 - Bob Sorrell finally sold his inventory of Parravano cars and parts to David Cottingham, UK. Before shipment to England he graciously allowed Betz and Peters to help him sort and prepare the cars and parts for shipment to England and retrieve all the pieces originally part of 0362AM. To the delight of Betz and Peters the inventory included a prodigious quantity of parts from 0362AM, far beyond what Betz and Peters had seen against Bob’s wall. Among his inventory were the identification plate (carried in his wallet for many years!), the missing frame section originally removed in shortening the wheelbase; the firewall, floor pans, transmission cover, belly pans, passenger seat, hood, door, metal tonneau cover, radiator cap access door, headlight buckets, windshield frame; gas tank, radiator and oil cooler, gearshift knob, driveshaft, dash panel and numerous other pieces. All the body parts were identifiable by the unique color of the Maroon paint on the body panels and the grey paint on the interior pieces applied to them by Scuderia Parravano.  
1986 - restoration of 0362AM then began in earnest. Steve Beckman of Beckman’s Metalworks in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, had done all of Betz and Peters’ metal work for more than 20 years; he reunited the front cross member and the rear frame section, returning the frame to original specification and attaching the original belly pans, floor pans and firewall. Using the ex-William Holden, Horace Jeffrey, and now Fred Simeone car (0412AM) as a model, Beckman also made a complete body buck and reproduced the missing body parts to fit the original pieces and complete the body  
1986 - at this time the Parravano family kindly provided original photos from 1954 and 1955 to Betz and Peters. From those images it was determined that the original body on 0362AM was slightly different from later examples, including 0412AM, necessitating some final revisions. Betz and Peters were also given access to the virtually identical 0384AM car to make the additional templates necessary to correctly complete the bodywork. The thin coat of Maroon paint applied by Scuderia Parravano after the Sebring fire was carefully sanded away from the original passenger tonneau cover, revealing the Rosso Corsa paint applied by Pinin Farina. Samples from the original paint on the firewall, belly pans and interior were also carefully matched.  
2004/aug/13   The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Charles Betz /
Fred Peters
2004/aug/13 - still not finished, at this time using engine 0347EU (250 Europa)  
2012 - restoration finished, type correct 375 MM-engine 0376AM installed  
2012/oct/10-12 display FCA Meet, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Charles Betz /
Fred Peters
2013/aug/13 Best of Show Concours on the Avenue, Carmel by the Sea Charles Betz /
Carol & Fred Peters
  C197 p12
2014/aug/12 display Concours on the Avenue, Carmel Mecum Auction    
2014/aug/16 - Mecum's Monterey auction
Not Sold highbid $5,75mio
2015/... - Michael Stehle, Ueberlingen, D  
2016/may/19-22 Mille Miglia Michael Stehle /
Le Stehle
2017/may/21   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle /
Le Stehle
2018/may/19   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle / Mathias Lukas #288  
2019/jun/14   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle / Konstantinos Doukas #269  
2021/jun/14   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle /
Bjoern Schmidt
2022/jun/15   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle /
Le Stehle
2023/jun13-17   Mille Miglia Michael Stehle /
Le Stehle
2023 - Marc A. Newson, London, UK (AUS)  
2024/jan/31 - displayed by Lukas Hueni at Retromobile, Paris, F

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