0252MM 53
Ferrari 250 MM PF Berlinetta,
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53/jan/23 - entered "PF" plant Job no. 11188  
53/mar/12 - Used for official press photos "Prova MO 31"
53/apr - first test drives at factory  
53/apr/12 - for SF
was blue metallic
  Giro di Sicilia Franco Rol /
53 - Dr. Augusto Caraceni, Roma, I - may have entered Italian events with the car OMS p87
FP p90
53/apr/25-26 dns Mille Miglia Massimo Orlandi / Paolo Fontana #628
54 - Camillo Luglio, Genoa, Italy
(Three Vignale inspired portholes added, hood blister opened for better cooling and fog lights added). Raced by Luglio in Italian events.
54/apr/11 3rd OA
1st sS+750
Coppa della Toscana Camillo Luglio "Luca" /
Elfo Frignani
54/jun/27 6th OA Supercortemaggiore Camillo Luglio /
Elfo Frignani
54/oct/31 2nd OA 6h Castelfusano Camillo Luglio "Luca" #..  
55/feb - Tore Bjurström sold to Ture Mårtensson, Gislaved, Sweden (dark green)  
- raced by his son Björn Martensson. Brother Bengt received a 300SL  
55/apr/27 - registered in Jönköping "F 32788"
55/may/08 2nd OA
2nd S+2.0
Helsinki GP
Production Sports Cars
Björn Mårtensson #6 "T-182"
55/aug/07 4th OA, 2nd PS Kristianstad GP
Production / GT+2.0
Björn Mårtensson #28  
.. - Back to Bjurström (traded in for 500 Mondial 0408MD)  
56 - Henry Aronsson, Tidaholm, S "F 32788"
57 - crashed with a truck ... Inoperative car stored "R 34956"
97 - Still with Aronsson, unrestored  




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