0250MM 53/mar/01
Ferrari 250 MM PF Berlinetta, RHD
argento metallizzato
PF job no. 11189
returned to PF for body modifications - PF job no. 12248
this car has a 375 type nose
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53/mar/05-15 - Salon International Automobile Moto-Cycle, Geneva, CH  
53/apr - Franco Rol, Torino, I  
53/apr/12 dnf
Giro di Sicilia Franco Rol /
53/nov/03 - back to Pinin Farina for repairs and fitted with a new PF nose (job no. 12248). Front end modified similar to 250 MM PF Berlinetta s/n 0354MM.  A 375 MM PF Berlinetta was also fitted with a similar lower more penetrating nose
53 - Mario Idelba, I
54 - Salvatore Ammendola, I  
54/jul/04 3rd OA Bolzano - Mendola hillclimb Salvatore Ammendola   FY54
54/jul/11 4th OA
Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Salvatore Ammendola #105  
54/jul/25 2nd OA 2nd IC Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Salvatore Ammendola #160  
54/oct/27 1st OA Corsa in Salita Colli Torinesi
Sassi-Superga hillclimb
Salvatore Ammendola    
5. - Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, Busto Arsizio, I
55/may/29 NC III. GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Edoardo Lualdi / Ottavio Randaccio #26
5. - .............., UK
.. - large air outlets were then added to both front fenders
64 - overhauled and serviced by Merchiston Motors, UK
6. - Ian Sutherland, Angus, UK  
66 - Barry Ward, Atlanta, GA, USA - imported from UK  
6. - George Sterner, York, PA, USA  
.. - Richie Gorman, Competition Motors, Brooklyn, NY, USA  
.. - sold engine  
.. - Walter Hagstrom, NY, USA  
.. - Ed Willimann, Briarcliff Manor, NY, USA  
.. - original engine had been found, crank case defect  
89/mar/05 - Hartmut Ibing, Duesseldorf, D via French broker Eric Harrison  
89/may - Dietrich von Boetticher, Muenchen, D  
92 - 94 - completely restored by DK Engineering, UK  
93/jan - offered for DM 1.000.000  
95 - delivered to von Boetticher, asking $1.25mio  
96/may/15 - NS - Brooks Monaco auction - highbid DM1.2mio  
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Dietrich von Boetticher
97 - Dr. Ronald Finger, Savannah, GA, USA  
98/may/14-17 Mille Miglia Ron Finger #309
01/jun - offered by Mike Sheehan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - asking $1,05mio C124 p58 
04 - still with Ron Finger  
05/jan/28 - S - RM's Vintage Motor Cars in Arizona auction - $1,43mio incl. comm.
05/jan/28 - Michael Kaufmann, Wien, A via Egon Zweimueller, Ennsdorf, A 




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