0235EU 52
212 Inter Cabriolet PF, LHD
Azzurro Metallizzato / Tan
metallic pale blue/natural
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52/oct - Paris Salon show car FP p35
C197 p30, 43
53/jan/17 - Brussels Motor Show car  
53/mar/04 - Tony Parravano, Via Clelie 53, Roma, I
53/apr/01 - registered for Tony Parravano on: "Roma 176866"
53 - Parravano took over Roberto Rosselini's Nuerburgring entry for 0265EU with r#50  
53/aug/30 9th OA 3rd s.S+2.0 1000km Nuerburgring Maurice Gatsonides / Riccardo Vignolo #50 C101 p12     C197 p34, 35
54/nov/04 - exported to USA by Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
5./late - Al Allin, Grand Haven, MI, USA  
5./late - Fina, NY, NY, USA  
6. - Alec Ulmann, NY, NY, USA  
6./late - Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA  
6. - without engine
6. - Chevy V8 engine and 3-spped Muncie gearbox installed
6./late - Lawrence Slattery, Chicago, IL, USA - red
71/apr/23-25 8th Annual FCA Meeting, Restaurant Chez Paul, Glenwood Larry Slattery
76/nov - Robert Bursten, Fox Point, WI, USA
84/may - John Hallin, Pewaukee, WI, USA  
91/feb - William Dixon III., Seatlle, WA, USA  
91/oct - engine 0235EU only with front distibutors offered by John Mastroianni for $80,000.- in FML +914-273-9131 eves NY FML 16,21   SN40 p47
93/dec - transmission for sale by Ricard F. Merritt, Bethesda, MD, USA  
95/jun - original engine sold by Mastroianni to William Dixon  
95/jun - original gearbox sold by Merritt to William Dixon  
96/aug - undergoing restoration by Servizio per Ferrari, FL, USA (David Castelhano)
09/jul - Kenneth B. Roath, Newport Beach, CA, USA C197 p29-43
10-12 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche, repainted light blue met.
12/may - certified by Ferrari Classiche C199 p6
12/may/26-27 Mention of Honor Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Eleganza, class E Ken & Dayle Roath C190 p28
12/aug/19 3rd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Ken & Dayle Roath
12/oct Phil Hill Award FCA International Meet, Palm Springs Ken & Dayle Roath
12/oct Platinum FCA International Meet, Palm Springs Ken & Dayle Roath
13/jan/26 Platinum XXII. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Kenneth Roath C194 p33
13/jan/26 Excellence Cup XXII. Cavallino Classic Kenneth Roath
13/jan/26 Platino XXII. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Kenneth Roath  
13/jan/27   Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-a-Lago Kenneth Roath  
13/aug/16   The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Kenneth Roath    
13/aug/18 display only Pebble Beach Concours Kenneth Roath  
18/jan – consigned to Copley Motorcars, Needham MA ... Asking $2,450,000  



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