0224AT 52/oct
Ferrari 340 Mexico Vignale Coupe, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I - Scuderia Guastalla “BO 16722” prova
52 - leased to Santiago Ontanon in Mexico City, for Luigi Chinetti to drive in the 1952 La Carrera
52 - tiny blisters added (during CP?) to give clearance for front wheels  
52/nov/19-23 3rd OA
3rd S
Carrera Panamericana Luigi Chinetti /
Jean Lucas
#20 HMRR p60
CPM p176, p178, p180
FbV p20
TEB p..            C186 p18
53/apr/01 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA  
53/apr/25-26 dnf
Mille Miglia Eugenio Castellotti /
Ivo Regosa
#637 "BO 16722" prova FEO p316
Red Arrows p109, 236
53/jul/05 dnf
12h Reims Luigi Chinetti /
Phil Hill
53/aug/15-16 ...
12h Pescara Giovanni Bracco #22 "VC 31"
54 - Charles Rezzaghi, SF, CA, USA (dealer)
54 - Robert J. Rice, Hanford, CA, USA
54/apr/10 2nd IC V. Pebble Beach Concours Robert Rice
54/may/16 Mount Diablo Country Club Concours Robert Rice
55 - George T. Sawyer, Lafayette, CA, USA also involved with 0202A
55/mar/20 dns SCCA Stockton S+1.5 George Sawyer #106 C
55 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
55 - Bill Galvin, Washington DC, USA via Chinetti TEB p?
.. - stored at Rascal’s shop in Glen Cove, Long Island, NY, USA
61 - Tom Stewart, Waterford, VA, USA  
65 - Carl Bross, Birmingham, MI, USA - paid $4,500.-  
67 - Everett Calvin R. Gleason, Detroit, MI, USA   
6 - restored by Gleason,  installing a new interior, paint, trim, single-plate clutch and other items
68 FCA Indianapolis Speedway meeting Everett Gleason
71 - Dean Batchelor, Reno, NV, USA FbV p140, 141   "340 MEX" 
75 - Harley Cluxton, Phoenix, AZ, USA
75 - John Robertson, Big Fork, MT, USA  
79/sep - Larry Nicklin, Leo, IN, USA (GM stylist) C51 p28-31       FbV p48
.. - displayed in Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum, Auburn, IN, USA
94/jan20-apr/15 - displayed at The Behring Auto Museum, Danville, CA, USA  
11/mar/12 - S - RM's Amelia Island auction - $4,29mio incl. buyer's prem.
11/mar/12 - Leslie Wexner, New Albany, OH, USA 
11/apr - Brian Ross, Cortland, OH, USA (Ross was the under-bidder at RM's Amelia Island auction)
12/jan/19 XXI. Cavallino Classic, Jet Aviation Reception Brian Ross
12/jan/21 Gerald Roush Memorial Cup XXI. Cavallino Classic Brian Ross C188 p34, 36, 39
12/jan/21 Vignale Cup XXI. Cavallino Classic Brian Ross
12/jan/21 Gold XXI. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Brian Ross
12/jan/22 Finest GT Award Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-a-Lago Brian Ross
15/aug/14   The Quail - A Motorsport Gathering Kim & Brian Ross    
16/dec/12   Ferrari Finali Mondiali, Daytona Brian Ross    




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