0210F 52/jul/03
Ferrari 500 F2
Last one
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52/jun - Antonio Checacchi, Roma, I (dealer) as a feature of his customer display  
54/jun/06 - still in 2-litre from dnf Rome GP, Castelfusano Guido Mancini    
55 - Giorgio Scarlatti, I  
55/may/08 5th GP Naples  Giorgio Scarlatti
55 dnf GP Albi Giorgio Scarlatti
55 dnf GP Syracuse Giorgio Scarlatti
56 dnf GP Syracuse Giorgio Scarlatti
56/may/06 4th GP Naples Giorgio Scarlatti
56 - Scarlatti for "Mimmo Dei's" Scuderia Centro Sud  
56/aug/05 dnf GP Germany, Nuerburgring Giorgio Scarlatti
57/jan/13 - for Scuderia Centro Sud 9th Buenos Aires GP Alessandro de Tomaso    
57/jan - ............, ARG
.. - sold to Meccanica Nacional in Argentina  
.. - Corvette V8 installed
7./early - Alain de Cadenet, UK bought the sad remains and imported it to UK  
8. - Eric M. Stewart, Surrey, UK T&CC 7/83 p111
8. - restored by Eric Stewart and sold to a fellow collector... CaS 7/83
83/mar - (625 GP?) advertised by "Mr. Stewart" as most successful monoposto restored by Graypaul CaS 8/83 T&CC 4/83 p100
84/mar/15 GP de Nice Retro Tony Merrick #41 CaS 5/84 p43
- still owned by Stewart
86 - Sherman Wolf, USA PH80 p31 & 33
8. - completely restored by DK Engineering, UK
04/aug/13 - S - Bonhams & Butterfields Quail Lodge auction - $632,000 incl. buy. prem.
0. - Rodolfo Junco de la Vega, MEX  
07/jan/26-28 XVI. Cavallino Classic Rodolfo Junco  
14/jan/23-24 1st IC XXIII. Cavallino Classic Competition, Palm Beach International Raceway, Trofeo di Florida Jim Stranberg #9 C200 p35, 41



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