0208 52
Ferrari 500 F2
The first Ferrari in Garage Francorchamps!
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Francorchamps, B  
52/jun/01 dnf GP Frontiers Laurent #26  
52/jun/08 dnf GP Monza de Tornaco #21  
52/jun/22 7th GP Belgium de Tornaco #34  
52/aug/03 6th GP Germany Laurent #119  
52/aug/17 dnf GP Dutch de Tornaco #24  
52/aug/31 dns GP Greenland Laurent #137  
52/sep/07 dnq Coppa d'Italia de Tornaco #70  
52/sep/14 dnf GP Cadours de Tornaco #6  
53/mar/22 6th GP Syracuse de Tornaco #30  
53/apr/06 8th GP Pau Laurent #14  
53/may/09 dns Silverstone International Trophy Cole #9  
53/may/10 2nd Helsinki GP Laurent #11  
53/may/16 dnf Dunrod Ulster Trophy Swaters #12  
53/may/24 2nd GP Frontiers Laurent #34  
53/may/31 dnf GP d'Albi de Tornaco #16  
53/jun/21 dns Belgium GP Swaters #42  
53/jun/21 dns Belgium GP race 2 de Tornaco #44  
53/jul/12 1st GP Avus Swaters #18  
53/aug/09 dns Schauinsland Hillclimb Swaters    
53/aug/22 dnf Swiss GP Swaters #2  
53/aug/30 5th GP Cadours de Tornaco #14  
53/sep/18 10th Modena GP de Tornaco #16  
(53 - acc - GP Monaco - de Tornaco fatal crash)
53/sep/18 - Tornaco died in a crash when testing at Aeroautodromo in Modena...?
53 - rebuilt as 625 F1  
54/apr/11 5th GP Syracuse Laurent #12  
54/may/09 (listed as 375F1???)
One minute penalty for false start:
Laurent was not informed of
this during the race; no wonder
he lost his temper!
3rd OA
3rd C
Helsinki GP Roger Laurent, Belgium #6  
54/jun/06 dns GP Frontiers Laurent #12  
54/jun/20 dnf Belgium GP Swaters #2  
54/jul/17 dns British GP Swaters #16  
54/aug/15 dnf GP Pescara Swaters #28  
54/aug/22 8th Swiss GP Swaters #2  
54/sep/17 5th GP Avus Swaters #18 EF p24
54/oct/24 dnf Spanish GP Swaters #30  
54 end / beginning 55 - exchanged with Ferrari for a 750 Monza, car should be lend for the Belgium GP, car came first for the Dutch GP  
54/jun/17 11th Dutch GP Claes #30  
55 - Rebuilt as 625 for Portago ?  
restamped 0540  
55 - Portago hurt his leg in Silverstone practice and sold car to  
.. - Healey Motor Company in Warwick, UK  
.. - Rumored to be Trintignant's Monaco GP winner... but Trintignant was already works driver and Rosier was driving the car
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