020I 48
Ferrari 166 S
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
48 - 02C was renumbered 020I, now featuring a full width Allemano body like 01C but with air inlet on the bonnet  
48/apr/03-04 dnf
VIII. Giro di Sicilia Franco Cortese /
Ferdinando Righetti
48/may/02 dnf
Mille Miglia Franco Cortese /
Adelmo Marchetti
#10 Red Arrows p26, 196
48/aug/01 5th Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Franco Cortese   there were only 3 Ferrari entries in 1948
Besana 002C
Sterzi 018I
Bianchetti 014I
48/aug/15 5th OA Coppa Acerbo,
Circuito di Pescara
Franco Cortese #1  
49 - Cornacchia bought this as a rolling chassis in 49, body by Touring tipo Berlinetta  
50/apr/23 dnf
Mille Miglia Giovanni Rota /
Luigi Toscano
#713 Red Arrows p51, 206          "MI 146140"
50 - two slots on bonnet
51/apr/28-29 dnf
Mille Miglia Giovanni Rota /      Luigi Toscano #351 Tipo 166 p16 Red Arrows p64, 210       "MI 146140"    
53 - E.J. Griffin, Roma, I "Roma 160587"
55 - exported to California
55 - Ernie McAfee, USA
58 - A. Kleinberg jr., Seattle, WA, USA
60 - Don Hampton, Palo Alto, CA, USA
61 - Robert J. Lavezzi, SF, CA, USA ... Chevy engine
60's/late - Stephen Griswold, Berkeley, CA, USA paid $5,000  
../... - Stephen Griswold started restoration and heard that Johnny Johnson in Los Altos had such an engine nr 0201 through Ernie Mendicke the owner of the MM winning first 250 Berlinetta ... when looking stamped number ... the 1 was in fact an i, the  missing engine ... bought 

Stephen Griswold "
When I disassembled it I found that it had been modified with 6 port cylinderheads and a much higher compression pistons. Durinng a visit to the factory  Ing Florini allowed me access to the archives and there was a work sheet showing this upgrade at the factory to more or less F2 specification. I did a full restoration on this car and sold it to Dr Henry Smith in 1974 the year it appeared at Monterey and won the Tanner trophy."
74 - Henry I. Smith, Saratoga, CA, USA "COD 353"
74/aug   Laguan Seca Henry I. Smith #20 "COD 353"
74/aug Pebble Beach Concours, Hans Tanner Trophy Henry I. Smith
84/aug/25-26 18th Monterey Historic Races Henry I. Smith
86/aug - Leo Keoshian, Palo Alto, CA, USA
88 - displayed at Emilia-Romagna Concours d'Elegance, SF, CA, USA
90 - ...............
90/may/22 - NS - Brooks Monaco auction - highbid $710,280
90/may - .............. (after sale)
93/may/17 - ? - Brooks Monaco auction
9. - Lorenzo Zambrano, Monterrey, MEX  
94/aug/24 3rd IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 2 Lorenzo Zambrano
95/may/19 Ferrari Legend Award FCA National Concours, Columbus, Ohio Lorenzo Zambrano
95/aug/20 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M Lorenzo Zambrano C90 p14
96/feb/10 V. Cavallino Classic Lorenzo Zambrano C92 p10
99/jun/19 - S - Christie's Petersen Museum Auction for $860k + buyer's prem  
99/jun/19 - Lawrence Auriana, Greenwich, CT, USA  
07/jan/26-28 Gold XVI. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Lawrence Auiana C158 p40
07/jun/24 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance Lawrence Auriana



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