0191EL 52 (originally stamped 0233EU)
Ferrari 212 Inter Coupé Ghia, LHD
Light color over black
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52/oct/02 - Paris Salon show car Ghia Coupe C198 p6
52/nov - upon return from Paris in October renumbered to 0191EL, after engine 0233EU had been installed as replacement in that other car. Said to have been done to accommodate Juan Perón, so that his purchase through a middle-man would not be taxed and reported as a new-car purchase.
53/may - Tricerri, IT
Likely acting as go-between. LIT 6,000,000. Existing license plate “MI 197153” from 212 Inter Cabrio mounted.
53/may/21 - exported to USA  
53/may - Juan Domingo Peron, ARG (President)  
.. - gearbox installed from 0172ET (225 S)  
.. - Varta Barsamain, Buenos Aires, ARG  
73/aug/27 - Conrado Tennino, Buenos Aires, ARG “511372” (AR)
74 - registration to new number “B-1034828” (AR)
.. - painted red with black roof
87 - until 87 in Argentina  
87 - Smith, USA CAS 1/90 p17
87 - Hans P. Ammann, CH
88 - Peter Suter, CH via Atos Automobile, Winterthur
89/mar - Manfred Loesch, Heidelberg, D
90/oct - 95/jan - ground-up restored by Peter Rosenmaier, Markgroeningen, D for Uwe Ohlsen  
9. - painted yellow over black
94 - offered for sale, asking DM 2.000.000.-  
95/sep - Classic Cars p78 restoration report, owner listed: Ohlsen Automobile, Daimlerstr. 1, 69221 Dossenheim, Germany, Tel.: +49-6221-862071
95/dec/01-10 - displayed at Essen Motor Show, D
96/aug - car sent to Buenos Aires, ARG for a TV show  
97/mar - car went back to Germany
97/jun - Uwe Ohlsen went bankrupt, car repossessed by bank, Ohlsen dissappeared
98/may - offered for 750,000.- by Tom Ranum descibed as completely restored and perfect. Yellow/black +305-931-4390  
99/dec/18 - S  - Brooks Gstaad auction
Lot 418, estimate SFr. 375,000-450,000
Sold SFr. 531,500
C116 p5      FW No.37 p36
99/dec/18 - Lee Herrington, Bow, NH, USA  
02/mid – minor cosmetic correction in engine bay to return finishes and hardware to factory-correct specifications  
01/jan/20 X. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Lee Herrington
02/aug/18 2nd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Lee Herrington
03/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Lee Herrington
03/jan/25 Excellence Cup XII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza Lee Herrington
03/jan/25 Platinum XII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 1 Lee Herrington
17/dec/13 - Classiche “Red Book” certified original chassis, body, engine, and differential  
18/jan/18 - RM Sotheby’s, Scottsdale
Lot 248 - Est. $1,600,000 - $2,000,000
Sold $1,187,500
18/jan/18 - ..............., TX
19/jul/31 - ……………….. (via Bring-A-Trailer auction. $955,000, incl. fees.)  


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