0168ED 52
225 Sport Vignale Berlinetta, RHD
3 portholes with chrome rings in the fenders, convex grill
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52/jul/25 - Giuseppe Santi, Roma, I (Maserati dealer)
52/sep - back to factory
52 - Luigi Chinetti, Motors, NY, NY, USA  
52 - Peter S. & Robert Yung, NY, NY, USA  
52/oct/26 dna
Class 4M
Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Turner AFB
4h Turner
Robert Yung #56
53/mar/08 8th OA
2nd S3.0
12h Sebring Peter Yung /
Robert Yung
#45 FbV p113
53/may/23 race stopped after 8 laps
Bridgehampton Sports Car Races, Bridgehampton & Hampton Cup Robert Yung #12 Finn p137
53/oct/25 dna Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Strategic Air Power Trophy, Turner AFB
250 miles Turner
Robert Yung #2
55 - Santiago Gonzalez, Havana, Cuba  
55/oct/10 1st II Carrera Sagua-Havana Santiago Gonzalez /
Gilberto Hernandez
#3 FY 55
57 - Robert Andinolfi, L.A., CA, USA
6. - Jerry Curion, CA, USA
6. - Chevy V8 engine installed
6. - original engine installed in 0050/0308 (166 MM Dino Spyder)  
71 - Donald R. Wasserman, SF, CA, USA FK1/90
FSN FbV p114
"A 225 (CA)"
74-79 - completely restored by Wasserman
7. - 250 GT inside-plug-engine installed by Wasserman  
80/aug Monterey Historic Races Don Wasserman
84/aug/25-26 dnf Monterey Historic Races Don Wasserman
86 La Carrera Classic, Ensenada-San Felipe Don Wasserman
88 - displayed at Emilia-Romagna Concours d'Elegance, SF, CA, USA
08/dec - Don Wasserman died
09/aug/15 - S - RM's Sports & Classic of Monterey auction - $781,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
09/aug/15 - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA
10/jan/23 XIX. Cavallino Classic Tom Shaughnessy
10/mar/14 15th Annual Amelia Island Concours, class CCR Tom Shaughnessy
11/aug/21 - S - Gooding's Pebble Beach auction - $880,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
11/aug/21 - ...............
13/mar/09 - S - RM's Amelia Island auction - $1,237,500.- incl. buyer's prem.  
13/mar/09 - Arnold Meier, Zuerich, CH "ZH 5977"
14/may/09-11 18th GP Historique Monaco David Franklin #50  
14/sep/09 Goodwood Revival   #50
15/apr/25   Tour Auto Diego Meier / Giacomo Amoroso #176  
15/may/14   Mille Miglia Meier Richard /
Rauseo Luciano
15/sep/11-13   Goodwood Revival David Franklin #16  
2016/apr/23   Tour Auto Diego Meier / Giacomo Amoroso  #173  
2016/may/19-22   Mille Miglia Arnold Meier
Markus Diethelm
2018/sep/09   Goodwood Revival Meeting David Franklin #7  




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