004C 48/mar/16
Ferrari 166 C Cycle Wing, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
48/mar/17 - Soave Enrico Besana, Via Boscetti 1, Milano, I "MI 113253"
48/apr/03-04 6th OA
3rd S2.0
VIII. Giro di Sicilia Soave Besana /
Count Bruno Sterzi
48/may/01-02 dnf
Mille Miglia Soave Besana / Gabriele Besana #297 C150 p30 C152 p6 C178 p60 Tipo 166 p123       Red Arrows p27, 198
48/may/30 dnf GP di Bari F2 Soave Besana #297  
48/jun/13 dnf GP di Mantova F2 Soave Besana #6  
48/jul/11 3rd OA 3rd S2.0 II. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Soave Besana / Gabriele Besana #156 PeG p41 C152 p7
48/jul/18 dnf GP de Reims … Coupe des Petites Cylindrées, Reims-Gueux Gabriele Besana    
48/aug/15 dnf Coppa Acerbo,
Circuito di Pescara
Soave Besana #14  
48/sep/19 dnf GP di Napoli,
Gabriele Besana
48/sep/26 dnf GP di Firenze,
Parco delle Cascine
GC. Galimerti #50  
49 - nose modified with 4 bars and screen
49/apr/24 dnf
Mille Miglia Franco Mosters /
Tino Bianchi
#616 Red Arrows p33, 198 C150 p29 C152 p6
49/may/22 Varese-Brinzio hillclimb Soave Besana  
49/jun/26 dnf GP Monza F2 Franco Mosters #40  
49/jul/10 5th OA Circuito del Garda F2 race Franco Mosters #32 C101 p29 C103 p9
49/jul/30 - SrL. E. Vallarani & C., Via Gesù 2, Milano, I - paid Lit. 520.000.-
49/aug/07 dnf
GP de l'ACF, Comminges Victor Polledry / Vallarani #11
51/jun/17 dns GP Portugal Oporto Boavista Victor Polledry
51/jul/22 Sables d'Olonne F2 Victor Polledry #28
52/mar/30 Coupes de l'USA, Monthléry Victor Polledry
52/apr/27 Coupe de Printemps, Monthléry Victor Polledry #56 Émotion Ferrari p64
52/jun/01 dnf XXII. GP de Frontières, Chimay Victor Polledry #18
52/oct/05 3rd IC Coupe du Salon, Monthléry Victor Polledry
53/apr/12 11th OA
4th S2.0
Coupes de Vitesse de l'USA,
Victor Polledry #25
53/may/31 7th Coupes de Printemps, Monthléry Victor Polledry
53/oct/04 8th Coupe du Salon, Monthléry Victor Polledry #32
54/apr/04 4th Coupe de l'USA, Monthléry Victor Polledry
54/jun/20 7th Circuit d'Amiens Prix de Picardie Sport Victor Polledry #22
55/mar/27 Coupe de l'USA, Monthléry Victor Polledry #32
55/apr/17 Coupe de Paris, Monthléry Victor Polledry
56/apr/29 1st IC Prix de Paris, Monthléry Victor Polledry #33
56/sep/23 11th
9th R/S+1.3
Coupes d'Automne, Monthléry Victor Polledry #37
57 - Gaston Garino, Paris, F  
64/apr - found in Paris by A.F. 'Bart' Loyens for Stan Nowak C22 p9
C152 p6
64/apr - Stanley Nowak, Bronxville, NY, USA - paid $2,800.-  
64/may/12 - Henry Austin Clark jr., Glen Cove, NY, USA - owner of the Long Island Automotive Museum  
64 - Del's Auto Body, Locust Valley, NY, USA - complete but in need of restoration
66 - restoration finished at Del's Auto Body
73/feb/11 - James H. Clark, Vancouver, WA, USA (Henry Clark's son) C150 p28-43
03/apr/02-04 Enzo Ferrari Memorial Award FCA Annual National Meet, Sebring Jim Clark C136 p18
03/apr/02-04 Platinum FCA Annual National Meet, Sebring, class 8 Jim Clark
04/jan/24 Coppa per 12 Cilindri XIII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza Jim Clark
04/jan/24 Platinum XIII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 11 Jim Clark C140 p40
04/aug/15 3rd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Jim Clark
04/aug/17-19 Coppa Bella Macchina FCA International Concours, Monterey Jim Clark
04/aug/17-19 Platinum award FCA International Concours, Monterey, class 1 Jim Clark
06/jan/21 Coppa per 12 Cilindri XV. Cavallino Classic Jim Clark C152 p35
06/jan/21 Platinum XV. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Jim Clark




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