10303, 67
Ferrari 275 GTB/4, alloy, LHD 
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67 - Barucci, I
67 - Arthur Schumacher, San Francisco, CA, USA
.. damaged in shipping back to USA, repaired & repainted red by Griswold
.. - Bob Cranston, Sausalito, CA, USA
74 - Kim McCloud, 1613 Chelsea Rd, San Mariono, CA, USA  
85 - offered by McCloud, San Marino, CA, USA;  Mechanically & cosmetically excellent.  Suspension, underside & topside taken down to bare metal before repainting.  New brake lines & oil lines.  Brake calipers sleeved in brass.  All five
wire wheels redone.  New chrome, rubber, carpets & mufflers.  Spares.
35,000 miles.
FML 1009
85 - Tino Mingori, Los Angeles, CA, USA ... now giallo modena "275 GTB4"
95/jun/24 Rosso Rodeo, Beverly Hills Tino Mingori
98/aug/14 Gold class award Concorso Italiano Tino Mingori
04/jun/15-20 275 anniversary tour Tino Mingori /
Lynn Mingori
08/aug/11 not present Concours on the Avenue, Carmel-by-the-Sea Tino & Lynn Mingori  



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