10231 67
Ferrari 275 GTB/4, LHD
Verde scuro 20-G-186 Salchi/Pelle orange VM3102 
Power windows
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67 - Smith, NY, USA  
9./early - restored at Toni Auto, Maranello, I
92/dec/17 - exported to Germany by KAV Automobile, Bad Vilbel, D
93 - Volker Graul, Borgholzhausen, D (dealer)  
93/mar/05 - Andreas Mohringer, Muelheim/Ruhr, D via Off. Lackmann "MH-AM 275" "MH-AM 275H"
04 - Andreas Mohringer, Salzburg, D
04/jun/15-20 275 anniversary tour Andreas Mohringer/        Dr. Friedericke Hrubesch #44
07 Gaisbergrennen Andreas Mohringer
07/jun/19 - factory certified
07/jun/21-24 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance Andreas Mohringer
07-08 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche, Maranello, I; blu scuro/beige
08/oct/09 - re-registered in Austria: "S-GTB 275"
08 Gaisbergrennen Andreas Mohringer
09 Gaisbergrennen Andreas Mohringer
11/sep/21-25 Italia Classica, Ferrari Gran Tour to Venezia Andreas Mohringer



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