10195 67
Ferrari 275 GTB/4, LHD
Blu sera/blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
67 - Destievani, Paris, F via Franco-Brittanic Autos  
7. - Alain Garnier, F (workshop & junkyard owner, later of 250 GTO-Replica fame based on GTE's)



Alain Garnier had 3 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 at the same time in his shop. It seems likely that this is the reason for  - at least - swapped identities between 09363 & 10195 in the past. 


1st 10195

76 - modified by Garnier with sliding plexiglass side windows, GTO-style door handles, outside fuel filler cap, slotted vents behind rear wheel arches, parallel wiper posts and GTB/C wire wheels
76 - repainted red/black
76 - engine 10195 restamped to 09363, type plate in engine bay used from 09363, paperwork used from 09363; 09363-number stamped on the cross member (left) - therefore this car was regarded - until 2012 - as 09363 instead of 10195
7. - exported to USA
79 - Dr. Stephen L. Tillim, Atherton, CA, USA - red
80/aug Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Stephen Tillim
86/aug - Oldtimer Garage Ltd., Bern, CH (Al Guggisberg)
87/aug - S - Rick Cole's Monterey auction - "Fantuzzi Special" - identified as 09363
87/aug - Engelbert Stieger, Teufen, CH - "Fantuzzi Special - identified as 09363  
95/aug/03 Uwe Meissner Meeting, Nuerburgring Engelbert Stieger
00 - Gerd Petrik, Osprey, FL, USA via Auto-Salon Singen, D - identified as 09363
0. - Dan Ghose, Norfolk, CT, USA - identified as 09363
09/mar/14 - NS - RM's Automobiles of Amelia Island auction - highbid $500,000.- (estm. $700-900k) - identified as 09363
This text was given in RM's auction catalogue:

The stunning 275 GTB/4 offered here was sold new in January 1967 through Franco Britannic Autos in Paris to its first owner, Mr. Sorlin in France. Thereafter, it was sold to the girlfriend of one Mr. Krembs in Meudon, France, who soon re-sold it to Mr. Krembs himself. Unfortunately, 09363 was involved in a serious accident while in his ownership and was restored at that time.

In the course of these repairs in the late sixties or early seventies, the car was given a decidedly more sporting and competition-oriented appearance, which it retains to this day, over three decades later. It has been suggested that these modifications were carried out by Carrozzeria Fiorenzo Fantuzzi of Modena although no evidence is currently available to support these claims. Finished in red, the car received sliding Plexiglas side windows, GTO-style door handles, an additional outside fuel filler cap, slotted vents behind the rear wheel arches, parallel wiper posts and very attractive 275 GTB/C wire wheels. It was also slightly lowered and fitted with stiffer springs, a cold air box, and competition camshafts – an ideal setup for the vintage racing events in which it would partake in the future.

Following this work, the Ferrari was eventually exported via Genova, Italy to the United States before being owned in 1979 by Dr. Stephen L. Tillim of Atherton, California. 

It should also be noted that at the time of the rebuild in the late sixties or early seventies, the timing cover and heads of the original engine were re-used and remain with the car to this day. The crankcase was replaced, however, presumably because of damage it incurred, and therefore bears a different number. It was also during these repairs that the front upright was repaired with a part from chassis 10195, although the frame itself is original, as evidenced by the original stamping 09363.

10/nov - Barry Jagolinzer, Somerset, MA, USA  
1.-12 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche, body modifications removed by Auto Sport, Bastiglia, I, repainted blu sera/blu, engine restamped 10195, certified without exception as 10195  
13/jan/18 - S - RM's Scottsdale auction - $1,842,500.- incl. buyer's prem.
13/jan/18 - ...............



2nd 10195 (or is this car 09363?)

.. - Sidney Franck, F "4292VE 06"
94/apr/13-16 Tour de France Auto Sidney Franck/      Margaret Kemp

96 - displayed at Musée de l'Automobiliste, Mougins, F - yellow

"4292VE 06" 
99/jan - offered for sale asking FF 1,900,000.-  



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