170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
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170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
170 Collectors’ Cars, 30 Bikes at Artcurial Rétromobile 2022
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Paris, 20th January, 2022

There are two special cars that stand out among the many highlights in the sale: a 1968 factory Porsche 907 and a 1974 Porsche 911 RSR 3.0L coming from the collection of gentleman driver Ernst Schuster, who has owned them for nearly 40 years.

The 1968 Porsche 907 is a highly authentic example of the 907 with exceptional racing provenance. After a superb 4th place finish in the Nürburgring 1000 kms in 1968, the car took part three times at Le Mans in the 24 Hour race between 1970 and 1972. Restored by the best specialists, the car is eligible for all the biggest historic events.

The 911 RSR 3.0 has also enjoyed a successful career in major endurance events (Le Mans 24 Hours, Nürburgring 1000 km), driven by Neuhaus, Stommelen, Barth, Fitzpatrick and Hezemans to name but a few.

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Nine Collections on Sale

The extraordinary success of the Richard Romagny Collection which sold online last November has confirmed Artcurial Motorcars’ leading position in the sale of collections. The department’s team is proud to be presenting no less than nine collections in this year’s Retromobile sale in March, of which the Bandini, Lafourcade and Lempereur collections have already been announced.

Among the other collections to be offered is the personal collection of Alain Aziza, who founded "Auto Performance – Aston Martin Paris", operating since the 1980s as a dealership in France for one of the most prestigious marques in the world, and the marque Aziza had a lifelong passion for: Aston Martin.
No Aston Martin collection would be complete without a DB5. One example, from 1963, was completely restored by Aston Martin Heritage Paris and is presented in spectacular condition. A 1961 DB4, a 1959 DB2/4 MkIII and a V8 EFI complete this very special group of cars.

Another collection starring in the sale comes from a Parisian businessman. Having little time to indulge his passion during the week, he spends the first part of every weekend driving all his cars to ensure they are kept in top running condition.

The 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ in one of the marque’s most legendary and powerful models, sometimes referred to as the ‘Baby GTO’ for the similarity of its architecture and design. One of just 112 produced, this is a well-preserved and authentic example that has been meticulously maintained and is eligible for all the best historic events.

The Vega 54 Prototype ‘V’ by Facel in the collection was the first car built by Jean Daninos. The design of this stunning two-seater coupé prefigured the marque’s production models. The two other cars in the collection are a 1963 Osca 1600 GT Zagato berlinetta «Double Bubble», one of just 130 examples, and a superb 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC.

Exceptional Pre-War Models

There will be several special pre-war models crossing the block in this latest Retromobile sale:
The Bugatti Type 57 with “Aérolithe” replica body is an amazingly faithful copy of an automobile that has become legendary: the Bugatti 57 Aérolithe. With avant-garde styling inspired by the Art Deco movement, this magnesium-bodied model with its riveted spine, was a forerunner of the most expensive Bugatti in the world, the Atlantic.

The Bugatti 37, known in Bugatti circles as the "Dufilho 37", for having been owned by the famous actor between 1957 and 1982. It comes with provenance, authenticity, prestige, and a unique, transparent history, without having been subjected to the rigours of racing, but instead the love and respect of its successive owners.

The Paul Thanry collection includes a select group of 17 carefully selected pre-war automobiles.
Pre-war highlights include two unusual race cars : the 1908 Lorraine-Dietrich Type FM 6,4L Course 28/35cv and the 1925 Guyot Spéciale GS25 2L, a one-off Grand Prix car.

Star Power

The Artcurial Motorcars team is also pleased to reveal a line-up of vehicles owned by stars of the screen and stage, their celebrity provenance adding a touch of glamour that makes them unique.

The 1958 ex-Brigitte Bardot Rolls Royce Silver Cloud LWB by Henri Chapron was ordered new by a French aristocrat, and made to measure by Henri Chapron. Brigitte Bardot acquired the car in 1966, driving it to Meribel for a skiing holiday, a part of the car’s history that can be seen in various period photos.
Artcurial Motorcars will present the most famous of Johnny Hallyday’s Harley-Davidsons, the 1990 Softail Heritage 1340 that was designed specially for the star. The electric blue bike was called « Laura Eyes » after the colour of his daughter’s eyes. It was famously driven onto the stage by Johnny during his three concerts at the Stade de France in 1998.

Another Harley Davidson, a Fat Boy customised in 2010 for its famous owner, Romain Grosjean. The driver bought himself this machine to celebrate his first podium finish in F1, taking it to Cannes to be prepared by Bobber F.
Romain Grosjean has said that he will take the new owner out for dinner!

An interesting daily driver on offer is the 1975 Range Rover 3,5L V8 previously owned by Alain Delon. This sought-after collectors’ 4x4 has benefitted from a ground-up restoration.

Everyone remembers the final scene of the film ‘Le Gendarme de Saint Tropez’ starring Louis de Funès, alias Cruchot, and Michel Galabru driving around the old port in an American convertible, surrounded by bikers and accompanied by a festive fanfare…

This very car, the 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 cabriolet will return to the stage to come under the hammer in March !

New Supercar

Finally, one of just 149 examples built, the 2020 McLaren Elva supercar is a mechanical masterpiece designed for pure speed, its aerodynamic form inspired directly by F1 technology. The Elva allows two people to experience the sensations of an F1 single-seater on the open road. What’s more, this as-new example has just 10 kilometres on the clock !

According to Matthieu Lamoure, Managing Director, Artcurial Motorcars,
"The selection of cars in this 2022 edition of the Rétromobile Salon is exceptional, positioning this sale at the highest international level. Vive Paris! Vive Rétromobile!"

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