International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
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International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
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Is Arenas, 5th - 10th of June, 2017

In the roaring twenties and the flamboyant years before WWII there were a lot of marques in the top market and international racing scene that did not make it into the times of mass production after the war. Some of them disappeared into the history books, others did leave such an impression that their name was revitalized some time later so when looking at today´s Bugatti Chiron as the status symbol of the Volkswagen group one is reminded at the glorious history of the cars from Molsheim.

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Unlike the other big marque with the “B”, Bentley, Bugatti was not taken over by one of its rivals after finally closing its doors in 1956 but there is also a similarity between the two marques: their owners club was founded very early when these cars were still regularly seen on the road and the race tracks. And both clubs were very active in organizing meetings and outings with the Bugatti Owners Club in the UK even operating the Prescott Hill Climb venue. Over the years many national clubs all over the world were founded to bring together like minded owners and in particular drivers to live their common passion. The expertise of many Bugattisti shared over the last decades brought back more and more cars on the road having Bugatti competing in almost every top classic car event both concours, tours and racing. As club racing was always popular with Bugatti many cars were modified and rebuilt over the years so the rule of the BOC is also to keep track of the cars in existence.

One fixed date beside the annual Molsheim festivities at their birth place is the International Bugatti Meeting (IBM) that is organized in alternation by one of the national clubs to bring the international Bugatti scene together to enjoy their cars the way they were intended. Usually for an entire week the drivers are able to enjoy the most picturesque roads as the organizers take pride in inviting them to the best locations their country has to offer. Over the last years they were able to explore Tuscany, Austria, Spain, Holland, Scotland, Germany, France and Switzerland. This year it was again the Italian Bugatti Club and therefore the agency 2fast4you to organize the meeting and knowing them from previous events like the Centenary Meeting in Maremma or the Spanish meeting in Burgos one could expect nothing less than a memorable week.

So we headed down to the western coast of Sardinia to meet up with no less than 100 Bugatti on Monday the 5th. Arriving at the hotel it was obvious that this is much more than a club meeting but rather a family reunion as most of the arrivals were not even able to climb out of the car before being welcomed by old friend with cheers and backslapping. Looking over the car park it also became clear that the range of Bugatti is far bigger than what one does see on the international concours circuit when the special bodied Type 57 are lined up fighting for the top laurels. Although certainly many of the cars took the journey over the ferry to the island either on a trailer or were delivered by specialized car transporters they were far away from being “trailer queens” as most of these cars are veterans to these rallies and wear their patina with pride. Knowing the sort of roads used on the IBM from the previous edition the smaller Brescia and Grand Prix cars were represented in a large number as they are more suitable for the preferred twisty mountain roads than the later luxury touring cars but still a few interesting examples could be seen in the paddocks. No less than four Type 55 were lined up and keeping in mind that the last example sold in the two-digit million at Gooding’s Monterey Auction last years this was an astonishing outing for what some believe is the most beautiful design ever to make its way on a Bugatti Chassis. Sharing their mechanics with the GP cars those were certainly the best way to enjoy Sardinia although the small Brescias certainly provided to most unfiltered experience on the road equipped with spartanic coachwork over their short chassis. Apart from the some very nice T40,T44 and T43 Grand sport could be seen along few T57 including two Atalante, a Ventoux and Stelvios.

But not all cars were trailered to the Is Arenas Resort that should serve as a base for the days to come but some took the journey under their own wheels. Several cars from the UK already had about thousand kilometers on their odometer before the rally even started and so the accompanying mechanics from Bugatti Specialist Gentry Restorations already had some work to do on the first evening to heal smaller blessings. One car even sat on bucks with the rear axle dismantled after the drive from Lago di Garda for shearing off the half-shaft. Being the only transportation a replacement was ordered to be delivered by express but it took until Friday before the cars was running under its own power again. But this also shows the communal spirit of the group as the owner did not have to stay in the hotel to wait for his parts but was seen both on the passenger and even the driver seat of several cars to following days. Looking over the images after the week one could see that especially the passengers exchanged a lot over the days showing the close friendship of most of the participants.

So after all the cars were parked and the rooms were occupied the bar at the pool became the first place to go for the daily get together to share stories of the events visited since the last IBM and the experiences made with the cars. The few new participants were welcomed into the group and even the sole driver of a modern Chiron could be seen integrated quit fast. After the welcome dinner one had to prepare for the days to come although the organizers again made it very easy to follow.

Frontrunners put up signs early in the morning just like at the Mille Miglia so with the absence of any sportive claim like the regularity trials the passengers could enjoy the landscape instead of studying maps, road books and timetables. As always some had an early start and by experience one could see that especially the Japanese crews are always running in front being the first to leave the hotel and the first ones to be back in the afternoon. Others enjoyed the substantial breakfast a little bit longer and with a supercharged GP car they had enough horses to make up for the time.

The first stop was the Nuraghe Losa, one of the most important evidence of the Nuraghe culture that settled on Sardinia about 1400 BC. Spanning even more of the history of Sardinia was the coffee stop at Santa Sabina that did consist of Nuraghe buildings with two Tombs of the Giants as well as a chapel built almost 2000 years later. As the week in Sardinia was rather hot the chapel was less of a spiritual attraction to some of the drivers but more a welcome place in the shadow. After the coffee break the road became more interesting going into the mountains where the lunch was taken with the shepherds in a typical rustic ambience. Water and wine was served in crocks and we happened to sit on a table with long time Italian Bugatti owners. Whereas the drivers were sitting at the top of the table their wives were sitting chatting on the lower end. Whenever the server came by with a crock of wine the women made sure it did not stay up the table with the drivers. Knowing their husbands for a long time they knew they had to keep them away from the wine to have them drive sober back to the hotel. But whenever a server came by and saw the lack of wine on the upper half of the table they brought a new crock so at the end about half a dozen of them were standing at the lower end whereas the men were still sitting with their water, much to the enjoyment of the ladies who started to make “selfies” with the crocks. At the end all of them took the way back and certainly the men were able to compensate the lack of alcohol at the evening dinner having a long night with dancing at the still warm air.

The second day might have been the most varied of the week. After going into the hinterland the day before this time the journey led north towards Alghero. Looking back on a long history of different conquerors Alghero is one of the most picturesque historical towns in Sardinia with its thick walls and the harbor where the cars were lined up. Alghero was also the starting point for the Sardinia Rally the next day so the current World Rally Cars coming for the scrutineering made a great contrast to the 4- and 8-cylinder cars on the pier. The Bugatti were also a great attraction for the numerous tourists visiting the city or waiting for the Rally to start. While some drivers and their co-drivers took a guided tour through the historic district others used the time to have another coffee or enjoy the famous Italian Gelato, again in the shadow if possible as the temperatures kept high throughout the day. The driving towards the lunch stop and later back to the hotel might have been the most picturesque of the week following the coastal road giving great view over the Mediterranean. Some pictures even reminded of the annual Pebble Beach Tour to Big Sur along the Pacific coastline. The lunch was taken at a restaurant a little bit up the hill overviewing the coast and for the first time a proper “only Bugatti” line-up was possible, even better with the sea in the back. The driveway through colorful bushes made most of the drivers stop to take a picture of their car. Arriving at the hotel the service crew reported a rather quiet day as usually the not perfectly sorted cars get into trouble the first day and once they are running there is not much more to do beside smaller maintenance.

Thursday was intended to be the shortest day and as if the organizers even planned this it was also the hottest day of the week. The first part headed south to the southern end of the Sinis Peninsula visiting the ruins of Tharros dating back to 800 BC and being of Phoenicians origin. It was great that 2fast4you also offered some cultural insight into the history of the island and as often a part of the entrants are keen to learn, others prefer having a coffee in the shadow discussing the roads or the performance of their cars. Those interested took a small trolley to get to the landmarks.

After a short drive west the cars arrived to the stop in Cabras to have lunch with the fishermen. Although the facility was a great background for the vintage sports cars it lacked shadow both for the cars and the owners during lunch. Those who tried to sit on a black leather seat after the car standing in the sun for an hour know that there are more pleasant thinks to do. During lunch some funny scenes occurred as one table started to make hats from their napkins and once started soon the whole table was sitting with this “Oriental” headdress and one could even think of an extraterrestrial background. Others simply looked for the few shady spots to get over the midday heat. After a short drive back to the hotel the annual group shoot was organized.
 Although the setup looks rather random for the outsider it was far from being unorganized as the official photographer had to make sure that it looks balanced on the picture. Although there was a wine tasting at the practice area of the golf course this was the only time some of the owners seemed to be impatient, maybe because this evening they had to be dressed up for the dinner taken outside the hotel at the Parco dei Suoni (Park of Sound) that is developed for open air concerts and according to some of the participants the dinner over there was one of the highlights of the week.

The second to last day (Friday) again led south-east towards Su Nuraxi Barumini, a particular important dig of a complex dating back to the 15th century BC, again of Nuraghe origin. This complex became Unesco World Heritage in 1997. The drive to the lunch gave some spectacular sights over the region and although not really varied it made a great view. Looking roadside one does see a lot of wasteland abandoned due to the drought and on the other side one has rice plantings. What certainly cannot be missed in sunny Italy are wineries. After the visit of a castle along the road the cars arrived in Cantina Su´entu. Having the Bugatti driving up the hill on an unpaved driveway with the vineyards and the hinterland in the background made some of the most interesting pictures giving them some vintage look as back in the days when not all roads were in great condition. One of the drivers looked around while climbing out of his T37 and noted that places with vineyards are always pretty and although this time the wine was not served in crocks on might expect that the women again had an eye on their driving husbands to make sure a safe return to the hotel.

Saturday was the final day of a remarkable week and once again the cars headed south to visit the mine in Montevecchio. Over one century this mine was active in exploiting sphalerite and galena for zinc and lead and this park is as well listed in the UNESCO showing its importance. Apart from being a great sight a mine certainly has another advantage: being in the mountains. So the following miles on the twisty mountain roads were exactly to the taste of the drivers of the agile french voiturettes and GP cars. Finally the half shaft of the Bugatti T30 arrived the day before and after a short evening repairs with pizza, beer and music the car was finally back on the road for the last leg.

Going back to the sea the final lunch of the week was taken seaside at the Corsaro Nero. For a last time the Bugatti were lined up in front of the restaurant giving a last picture of the cars assembled before they leave for another year. This was also the time when the entire organization team came together to have their memory picture taken and this is also the time for us to thank them having us for the entire week in Sardinia. As always the organization of Valentina, Franco and Costantino was perfect and there was not a single critical voice heard from any of the participants. But also the good things have to end and so the drive back to the hotel was related to a little bit of melancholy. For a last time we passed the iron bridge we passed several times in the last days and went back through the rough driveway of the resort that tested the nuts and bolts of the Bugatti from day one. For a final time the farewell dinner was taken poolside at the hotel and with certainty the crocks of wine did not pass the Italian Bugatti drivers again.

On Sunday the international Bugatti drivers disappeared in all directions, some had their cars transported back, others took the last leg towards the ferry and back home to come back next year for another IBM. Unfortunately the British Bugattisti will not be able to drive there by car as the IBM 2018 will be held in the US around New York in early September. Those who do not want to wait that long will have the chance to experience another 2fast4you Bugatti Rally in early May, this time in Portugal.

If you have a Bugatti, marque the date ...
Until then ... vive La Marque.

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Report ... Peter Singhof
Images ... Peter & Wolfgang Singhof

Chassis Numbers compiled by Christian Anicet for

Entry List ... Bugatti Meeting Sardinia (2017-06-18)
    01 Bugatti T35A Course Imitation "Tecla" 1926/2011 s/n 4699 - Jan Kreyer / Christina Gnatzy (D)
    02 Bugatti T13 Brescia 1924 s/n BC062 - Giuseppe Brevini / Franca Tazzioli (I)
    03 Bugatti T23 Brescia 1923 s/n 1492 - Luc Hanegreefs / Nele Beeckman (B)
    04 Bugatti T23 Brescia 1924 s/n 1936 - Emmanuel Jacqmard / Philippe Jacqmard (B)
    05 Bugatti T29/30 Course 1923 s/n 4016 - Marc Vogel / Amaile Vogel (DK)
    06 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport - Sandro Bergami / Eleonora Bergami (I)
    07 Bugatti T23 Brescia 1924 s/n 2243 - Sandy Greene / Frances Greene (USA)
    08 Bugatti T35A Course Imitation "Tecla" 1926 s/n 4473 - Mark Ziani de Ferranti / Sandra Ziani de Ferranti (UK)
    09 Bugatti T35 R Grand Prix '1924' s/n 4421-R - Goy Feltes / Françoise Feltes (L)
    10 Bugatti T30/23 Brescia 1923 s/n 4087/BC042 - Peter Livesey / Sue Livesey (UK)
    100 Bugatti T57C Stelvio Cabriolet by Gangloff 1939 s/n 57804 - Christoph Ringier / Tatana Sujanova (CH)
    101 Bugatti T101C Antem Coupe 1954 s/n 101504 - Jurgen Troelsfeldt / Soren Bjerring (CH)
    103 Bugatti Chiron 2017 – Timm Bergold / Gloria Anselmi (MO)
    11 Bugatti T30 course 1924 - Walter Rothlauf / Anja Franz (D)
    12 Bugatti T13 1924 s/n 2207 - Peter Walby / Anne Walby (UK)
    13 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix 1925 s/n 4610 - Giacomo Foglia / Paola Boselli Foglia (UK)
    14 Bugatti T30 Tourer 1925 s/n 4637 - Raymond Kaufmann / Christiane Kaufmann-Engel (L)
    15 Bugatti T30 2 seater Sport 1925 s/n 4442 - Alberto Bonizzoli / Livia Bonizzoli (I)
    16 Bugatti T35/38A R Grand Prix '1925' s/n 4240-R - Alain de Waele / Stephanie Crussol (F)
    17 Bugatti T13 R Brescia Sport '1925' s/n BC014 - Henri Elchinger / Michèle Elchinger (F)
    18 Bugatti T39 Grand Prix 1926 s/n 4604 - David Hands / Peter Rae (UK)
    19 Bugatti T23 Brescia 1925 s/n 2559 - Galeazzo Pecori Giraldi / Maria Pecori Giraldi (I)
    20 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix 1926 s/n 4572/4831 - John Venables Llewelyn / Carolyn Venables Llewelyn (UK)
    21 Bugatti T35A Course Imitation "Tecla" 1925 s/n 4631 - David Duthu / Mariane Duthu (USA)
    22 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix 1926 s/n 4813 - Alessandro Guasti / Beatrice Guasti (I)
    23 Bugatti T37 Sport 1926 s/n 37155 - Peter Koux / Erik Palm Greisen (DK)
    24 Bugatti T37 R Sport '1926' s/n 37206-R - Werner Zeintl / Silvana Papazian de Zeintl (D)
    25 Bugatti T37 Sport 1926 s/n 37128 - Giovanni Stabiumi / Luciana Offer (I)
    26 Bugatti T35A Course Imitation "Tecla" 1926 s/n 4789 - Gigi Baulino / Erica Varese (I)
    27 Bugatti T37 Sport 1926 s/n 37122 - Elisabeth Blokhuis / Anne-Marie Blokhuis (NL)
    28 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix 1926 s/n 4777 - Paolo Casella / Fernanda Werner (I)
    29 Bugatti T38/43 Grand Sport 1926 s/n 38163 - George Davidson / Juliette Willis (USA)
    30 Bugatti T37 Sport 1926 s/n 37139 - Deryk Haithwaite / Diana Haithwaite (UK)
    31 Bugatti T38 Tourer by Lavocat & Marsaud 1926 s/n 38240 - Joachim Jantzen / Brigitte Jantzen (D)
    32 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix 1926 s/n 4774 - Roland Jordi / Katharina Jordi (CH)
    33 Bugatti T37A Sport 1926 s/n 37163 - Jürg König / Marina König (CH)
    34 Bugatti T35A Course Imitation "Tecla" 1926 s/n 4767 - Thomas Raess / Danièle Raess (CH)
    35 Bugatti T37 Sport 1927 s/n 37310 - Ralph Reinold / Conchi Rodriguez (D)
    36 Bugatti T23 Brescia Modifiée 1926 s/n 2898 - Tjerk Stapel / Marjolijn Stapel (NL)
    37 Bugatti T38/44 Roadster Grand Sport 1926 s/n 38101 - Ab van Egmond / Yvonne van Egmond (NL)
    38 Bugatti T40 Cabriolet by Gangloff 1928 s/n 40488 - Ole Stephansen / Birgit Stephansen (DK)
    39 Bugatti T23 Brescia Modifié by Clothier 1926 s/n 2840 - Adrian van der Kroft / Joanna van der Kroft (B)
    40 Bugatti T43 R Grand Sport 1926  s/n BC129 - Rick Scholtens / Madeline Wolff (NL)
    42 Bugatti T37 Sport 1927 s/n 37249 - Janine Franssen / Elina Feierabend (NL)
    43 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix 1927 s/n 4613 - Michael Göttsche Bebert / Cica Lurani Cermuschi (I)
    44 Bugatti T37 R Sport '1927' s/n 37220-R - José Martin / Annie Martin (F)
    45 Bugatti T35B R Grand Prix '1928' s/n BC073 - ............... & ................ (CH)
    46 Bugatti T37A R Sport '1927' s/n 37276-R - Viola Procovio / Alberto Procovio / Hisae Procovio Oguchi (I)
    47 Bugatti T35C Grand Prix 1928 s/n 4893/4915 - Ronald Beckers / Monica Berkhuysen (NL)
    48 Bugatti T35B Grand Prix '1927' s/n BC135 - Des Dillon / Dominique Royer (AUS)
    49 Bugatti T51 R Grand Prix '1930' s/n 51218-R - Hubert Jaunin / Anna Williams (CH)
    50 Bugatti T37 Sport 1927 s/n 37246 - Guy Mahy / Claire Van Loo (B)
    51 Bugatti T43 Grand Sport 1927 s/n 43192 - Gerbard Roeser / Barbara Ziegler (D)
    52 Bugatti T37 Sport 1927 s/n 37256 - Marcel Sontrop / Bettie Sontrop (NL)
    53 Bugatti T37A Sport 1927 s/n 37269 - ................ (CH)
    54 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 40662 - Marzio Bonfante / Fiorenza Morellato (I)
    55 Bugatti T44 Roadster 1928 s/n 44599 - Richard Grell / Wencke Schmid Grell (CH)
    56 Bugatti T35B Grand Prix 1928 s/n BC021 - Philip Klopper / Myriam Klopper (NL)
    57 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1929 s(n 40793 - David Mize / Scott Sargent (USA)
    58 Bugatti T43 R Grand Sport '1929' s/n 43256-R - Wolfgang Traut / Ute Traut (D)
    59 Bugatti T44 Cabriolet 4-seater 1928 s/n BC174 - Patrick Friedli / Nelly Friedli (F)
    60 Bugatti T43 1928 s/n 43310 - Hans Matti / Pierre-Yves Laugier (CH)
    61 Bugatti T35B R Grand Prix '1928' s/n BC056 - Patrice Rowell / Pam Cushing (UK)
    62 Bugatti T57 Stelvio 1935 s/n 57257 - Jack Braam Ruben / Danielle Dessart (NL)
    63 Bugatti T35C Grand Prix 1928 s/n 4918 - Michael Bystrom (S)
    64 Bugatti T35B R Grand Prix '1928' s/n 4924-R - Joseph Leyssens / Marie-Louise Rubenschub (B)
    65 Bugatti T44 Corsica Roadster 1928  s/n 44415 - William Roberts / Meri Roberts (USA)
    66 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 40515 - Kyoto Takemoto / Junko Takemoto (J)
    67 Bugatti T44 Grand Sport 1929 s/n 44790 - Neil Wilson / Jane Wilson (UK)
    68 Bugatti T35B Grand Prix '1926' s/n BC080 - Mike Preston (UK)
    69 Bugatti T44 Grand Sport 1929 s/n 441044 - Hugh Wace (UK)
    70 Bugatti T43 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 43234 - Luc Slijpen / Sjo Kohlen (NL)
    72 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1929 s/n 40710 - Haruo Masuda / Yoshiko Masuda (J)
    73 Bugatti T40 Torpedo Roadster 1929 s/n 40765 - Mario Casella / Alessandro Casella (I)
    74 Bugatti T44 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 44692 - Jean Paul Detroyes / Leila Detroyes (F)
    75 Bugatti T44 Coupé Fiacre 1929 s/n 441021 - Lionel Rogers / Mary Rogers (NZ)
    76 Bugatti T37 Sport 1929 s/n 37383 - Yves Van de Velde / Michèle Decloedt (B)
    77 Bugatti T43 1930 s/n 43249 - Walter Grell / Christine Grell (CH)
    78 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1930 s/n 40819 - Christian Koux / Ariane Koux (CH)
    79 Bugatti T44 Grand Sport 1929 s/n 441056 - Hugh Conway / Annette Conway (UK)
    81 Bugatti T51 Grand Prix 1932 s/n BC096 - Colin Bullock / Anna Bekh (UK)
    82 Bugatti T55 Super Sport Jean Bugatti 1932 s/n 55231 - Henri Chambon / Catherine Chambon (F)
    83 Bugatti T44 Cabriolet 1931 s/n 441326 - Oskar Meier / Katerina Batouskova (CH)
    84 Bugatti T49 Cabriolet by Chiattone 1931 s/n 49248 - John Shellard / Zbao Hang Chen (AUS)
    85 Bugatti T40A Roadster 1931 s/n 40604 - Jim Stanberg / Sharon Stranberg (USA)
    86 Bugatti T55 Jean Bugatti Roadster 1931 s/n 55201 - Martin Gruss / Michel Brogard (USA)
    87 Bugatti T55 Cabriolet Billeter & Cartier 1932 s/n 55206 - Bill Pope / Bod Lavinia (USA)
    88 Bugatti T55 Roadster 1932 s/n 55210 - Francesco Guasti / Maria Guasti (I)
    89 Bugatti T51 Grand Prix 1934 s/n 51156 (tag in car shows 51155) - Rupert Marks / Leonie Marks (UK)
    90 Bugatti T54 R Grand Prix by Ray Jones '1931' s/n 54209-R - Thomas Feierabend / Petra Hornung (D)
    91 Bugatti T57 Ventoux 1934 s/n 57155 - Gianluigi Trevisani / Maria José Casado (I)
    92 Bugatti T57 Atalante 1934 s/n 57167 - Alex Tigner / Esther Haus (Israel)
    94 Bugatti T57S R Torpedo '1935' s/n 57222 -R - Jim Hull / Tonya Hull (USA)
    95 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet by Gangloff 1936 s/n 57394 - John van Deventer / Elisabeth van Deventer-Woessink (NZ)
    96 Bugatti T51 R Grand Prix '1936' s/n 51206-R - Albert Wetz / Juliana Wetz (L)
    97 Bugatti T57(C) Atalante 1936 s/n 57401 - Laurentiu Stratulat (RO)
    98 Bugatti T59 R Grand Prix '1936' s/n BC059 - Chris Marks / Michael Whiting (UK)
    99 Bugatti T57C Stelvio 1939 s/n 57797 - Erich Traber / Philippe Mulders (CH)
    Bugatti T13 Brescia s/n 697

    Franco Majno
    International Bugatti Meeting Sardinia 2017
    Is Arenas Resort
    Losa Nuragic
    Lunch break at Orgosolo
    Montevecchio Mine
    Sebastian Ogier
    Stage 1 - The Barbagia
    Stage 2 - Alghero and the Montiferro
    Stage 3 - Around Oristano
    Stage 4 - The Giara
    Stage 5 - The Iglesiente
    Stephen Gentry
    Surgery on the open heart
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