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Laguna Seca, 8th - 9th of August, 2015

Although the Monterey car week is not officially kicked off until Tuesday with the Concours on the Avenue all those arriving early had the chance to visit the annual pre-reunion at the Laguna Seca racetrack. One week before the actual Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion once again many cars and drivers found there was to the famous corkscrew to enjoy a weekend in very relaxed atmosphere without the crowds invading Monterey next week.

11 different race groups ranging from the pre-war machinery to the Formula 5000 had timed practice sessions on both days before starting their actual race in the Afternoon. Although many cars are known from the previous years there are always some highlights in the paddocks. Ferrari will be featured marque at the concours events next weekend but on the track they were in the shadow of Porsche and the American Muscle Cars from the Trans Am series. Apart from two 4-cylinder cars (500 Mondial and 750 Monza) it was the 512M in Sunoco colours that needs to be mentioned. Porsche on the other side was very well presented in the GT categories with the early 911 models as well as in the IMSA series with several Porsche 962 in different livery. Certainly the Mazda armada was not to be missed on their home track with the blue-white Type 787 and the flame spitting RX7-92P, both regular entrants at Laguna Seca.

As usual the weather was not clear in the morning hours but on both days the sun was out soon for a wonderful day trackside. In a small preview gallery we have selected some of the images to follow in the next weeks after the car week to represent the following events: Concours on the Avenue, the car auctions of RM, Gooding and Bonhams, The Quail – A Motorsport Gathering, the Historic Races, Pebble Beach and the following FCA events.
The paddocks will fill up in the next days for the practice sessions and races next weekend after the group shooting of the featured Shelby GT350 under the bridge between turn 3 and 4 on Wednesday.

Text & Images ... Peter Singhof

... Download Rolex Monterey Motorsport (Pre-)Reunion ... Preliminary Entry List with Chassis Numbers (.docx Format) >>>