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Maranello, 27 May, 2015

After the success of the “California Dreaming” exhibition in 2014, the Museo Ferrari in Maranello has a new themed exhibition, “Genio e Segreti” (Genius & Secrets), that is scheduled to run until the end of the year. Apart from a selection of cars from the company’s “vaults”, styling and experimental departments, there is the opportunity to discover some of the “secrets” straight from the mouths of people, who have been, or are, close to the epicentre of the company. The list of people and their stories, which are provided by audio-visual means, and panels on the walls, are as follows.

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Enzo’s temptation - a secret revealed by Piero Ferrari
A love that never blossomed - a secret revealed by Giorgetto Giugiaro
Track and GT cars - a secret revealed by Paolo Pininfarina
Breaking the rules - a secret revealed by James Allison
Pure genius - a secret revealed by John Barnard
Formula Magic - a secret revealed by Rory Byrne
Secret and unique - a secret revealed by Flavio Manzoni

One of the projects that have been “dusted off” for display is a 1:1 scale 1999 proposal by Italdesign for the 360 Modena, which features alternative air intakes and door handle arrangements on each side. Close by is Italdesign founder, Giorgetto Giugiaro’s 612 Scaglietti based GG50, which he built to celebrate his 50 years of car design in 2005. An earlier design of his on display, that barely saw the light of day in period, was the Innocenti F128/186 GT 2+2 model, which he designed while working for Bertone in 1963. This car used a V6 engine, which was essentially a Ferrari V12 engine of the day cut in half laterally. It is understood that only two examples were constructed, this being the 2nd one, bearing chassis number F2.

The exhibition also features a number of special project (SP) cars, like the styling buck for Eric Clapton’s 458 Italia based SP12, and another 458 based model, the Sergio prototype, of which six production examples were built. Other SP cars on display include the F60 America, built to celebrate 60 years of Ferrari in the USA in only ten examples, a one-off SP America based on the F12 for an American client, and the similarly F12 based F12 TRS, of which two examples were built for the same client. There is also a LaFerrari styling buck, with the bare styling clay visible on one side, an example of the radical track only LaFerrari based FXX K, and a heavily disguised project car described as the F150 Laboratorio, together with the 1988 408 four wheel drive prototype.

There is also an expansive display of 250 series competition models, featuring a 250 GT TdF berlinetta, a 250 GT SWB berlinetta, a 250 GTO and 250 LM, whilst at the lower level there is a fine historic F1 display, including the Pininfarina Sigma proposal from 1969, and a Leonardo Fioravanti monoposto safety proposal from 2009, the LF1. Also on show is the 1987 Ferrari CART/Indy car project, which was initiated during one of Enzo Ferrari’s many spats with the F1 governing body, and which eventually became the basis for the Alfa Romeo CART/Indy car, plus the 312 B3 “Spazzaneve” (Snowplough) and a number of other F1 cars, apart from the regular display in the Hall of Fame. There are of course also all the regular features of the museum to be enjoyed, like the simulator, cafe and boutique, with its extensive range of Ferrari licensed products.
Further details relative to opening times and entry fees can be found at www.museomaranello.ferrari.com

Keith Bluemel